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Bag Manufacturers in the UK

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

As experienced medical bag designers and bag manufacturers in the UK, our team love a bespoke medical bag design project.

Our process provides the complete bag manufacturing service, from researching and planning innovative solutions our customers receive:

· Sample prototypes, built for thorough market testing

· Delivered by an ISO9001 certified factory

· Designed by an ISO9001 certified business, that’s us!

· Whilst also offering support, optional packing, warehousing, and logistics to take your finished project to market.

For customers old and new, with years of experience at the table as bag manufactures in the UK our Corrmed design team consists of:

Brian Arnott, our UK based chief designer.

Brian has over 40 years’ medical bag design experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing skills.

Katie Houghton, CorrMed’s founder, whose enviable infection prevention understanding, and knowledge enables us to offer a world-class bespoke medical bag design and manufacturing service, with infection prevention at the core.

Reputable bag manufacturers in the UK will know that the success of a bespoke medical bag design greatly depends on the relevance of the bag design to its application. Our design team also understand that quality, durability and real-world testing of the finished product is paramount to success.

As specialists in bag design and infection prevention, CorrMed is a unique bag manufacturer in the UK. Over the years we have been approached to create different carrying solutions for complex equipment, including shaped bags for specific medical devices.

Our design team operate from the heart of England; however our bags are manufactured abroad in an ISO certified factory. As a bag manufacturer in the UK, we have also developed bespoke designs for complex, fragile, or temperature-sensitive items across a range of industries, for example bags developed for sport fishing.

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