About Us


CorrMed Limited is a UK business, founded in 2017, with the aim of providing infection prevention and safety products into industry.

Managed by Katie Houghton, an experienced entrepreneur who has served infection prevention community for over 20 years in her previous infection surveillance business, ICNet International, 

Katie has used her background to ensure all products we offer are always focused on infection prevention. 

We have used our skills and contacts to introduce products into the UK healthcare market and also provide consulting services to partners seeking to expand internationally.


Through CorrMed we also directly supply medical products to our distributors and to end customers. 


We are always interested to explore new partnerships where we can work together.

If you feel your product or service might meet our infection prevention principles, then please do get in touch. We can undertake market research, product evaluation and even add the products to our portfolio if this feels the right thing to do. 


Equally, for businesses who are seeking to expand their product offerings to community and emergency medics, vaccination teams and pharmacists, then maybe acting as a local distributor for our range of medical and cold chain bags might be an option for you.  

Meet the Team

Katie Houghton

Managing Director. 

Katie is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked in the medical sector for 20 + years owning and managing technology companies.

Brian Arnott

Chief Designer

Brian has spent 40+ years  manufacturing and designing bags in UK and overseas for many businesses around the world. 

Alice Griffin

Office Manager

Alice manages our operations, finance and quality systems ensuring ISO 9001 compliance and customer satisfaction.