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First Responder Bag

National IPC Medical Bag Range


Too often medical bags are reported as inadequately designed and overly expensive.

CorrMed decided it was time for a change. 


CorrMed’s lead designer Brian Arnott has worked in equipment bag design and manufacture for over 40 years. On hearing the challenges faced by so many Emergency medical service personnel, Brian and our CEO Katie set about designing a new range of bags which would give our emergency medical services teams what they desperately needed. 


It was time to change the status quo and with the support of front line technicians, paramedics, search and rescue and make-ready teams, our R&D team tooled up with all the essentials. Caffeine, cake, Cadbury’s creme eggs, Cardboard & Gaffa tape (oh yes, this is part of the process) and from our humble studio in Redditch we began the design of the National IPC bag range.

Below you will see a small selection of the range. It is being added to all the time. 

Design Partners 

The National IPC Bags have been designed as a direct result of requests from many front line technicians, paramedics, community nurses, police, search and rescue and make ready teams.


This same group became our clinical supporters, providing feedback and ongoing input as we worked through the design process. We are very grateful for their insight and time they shared with us. As a group they provided feedback on prototypes as well as guidance on current and future equipment requirements in both the NHS and Private Emergency Medical services sector. We are very grateful in particular to Elite EMS, as well as the National Water Search and Rescue team and also Polaris Medical for all their support. 


Our National IPC Bag range is designed to fit UK recommended equipment. The internal layout has been optimised for easy access to equipment, fast identification of stock levels, good security and to offer 100% infection control designs.

All our bags have had their dimensions scrutinised to fit storage compartments and ensure the most petite of users can safely carry them. 


The years of experience with equipment bag design, manufacture and the input from our emergency medical and community nurse service partners has resulted in a range of National IPC Bags from CorrMed. 


Our bags are fit for purpose, 100% infection control, durable, expertly designed, cost effective and are held in stock thus no minimum orders are required.

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