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Aftercare with CorrMed

Maintenance and Care:​

CorrMed Bags

Our range of bags are designed to be wipe clean. If required, we can supply wipes, these should be used daily. To help protect against discolouration, at least once a week use a simple mix of hot soapy water to clean the bags also.

The bags can be collapsed and stored in their original packaging to reduce storage space required.

Data Loggers

It is important to avoid water getting inside the data loggers. To ensure compliance, all data loggers should receive annual calibration. Please contact CorrMed if you would like assistance with this. 


The coolant is non-toxic and non-hazardous – DO NOT EAT, if ingested, drink plenty of water and seek medical advice.


When pre-conditioning coolant, it is important to lie the blocks flat and on a tray, away from the sides and base of the freezer .


Coolant blocks and gel bags should be wiped clean prior to preconditioning whether in a fridge or freezer.


CorrMed medical bags and vaccine bags are covered under a one-year warranty on a return and exchange basis. We will refund or exchange any bag which has broken provided there hasn't been misuse or neglect.

CorrMed does not offer a warranty on coolant gels. 

If you require any further help, please use our email address;

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