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Blue Mirror AI: PPE training and practical assessment tool


Blue Mirror AI is an observational AI tool that automatically assesses and corrects errors in your team’s PPE application. Operating through a wall-mounted tablet, Blue Mirror AI replaces your traditional PPE buddy, and checks for errors in donning and doffing your PPE kit. It saves time, money, and resource, and improves infection control and minimises the spread of infections by reducing PPE errors. The system can also be used in training mode, helping to train medical students and refresh the knowledge of clinicians.


Blue Mirror AI was developed in New Zealand, by clinicians, for clinicians. CorrMed is proud to be the approved UK distributor for the software, working with our clients to support and enhance infection control procedures.


Our unique application transforms a tablet into a digital ‘mirror’ that can provide practical PPE training sessions. As well as saving time, this improves compliance reducing overall infection risk for staff and patients alike.

How It Works
Donning & Doffing done right

The unique application can be added to a wall or flexi-arm mounted tablet which then works as a ‘mirror’ in any environment, to replace the need for a PPE buddy during the donning & doffing process.


Blue Mirror AI instead provides two options:

1. A centralised PPE assessment so that a centralised member of your team can oversee the donning and doffing processes throughout the hospital or medical institution. They can review and approve PPE from a remote location without having to be physically present with the clinician.

2. A fully virtual assistant which recognises all the common PPE errors in donning and doffing, and which guides your user through the process, and corrects any errors along the way. The virtual buddy incorporates machine learning and can be optimised for your specific PPE needs too.


Both options significantly reduce the need for and cost of human resource in the donning and doffing process, and provide an optimised, correct procedure for all users to follow.


This helps prevent the problem of knowledge attrition, where errors creep in as training is forgotten, and maximises infection control procedures so that donning and doffing is done right, every single time.



Quotes from Blue Mirror users during evaluation

improved infection control

PPE is the frontline in infection control, so common errors unfortunately help spread infection from person to person. Correcting donning and doffing errors therefore easily mitigates much of the infection risk and improves overall control within the environment, benefitting your staff and patients alike.

cost savings

When compared with using a colleague as a PPE buddy, Blue Mirror delivers significant cost and resource savings, not to mention reducing time requirements and cost implications from PPE related infections, it's easy.

step by step instructions

Adapted to your environment, your users are guided step by step through the donning & doffing process that suits your specific PPE requirements, helping get it right, every single time.

improved PPE compliance

Thanks to automatic error detection and correction with simple instructions.

continuous training

Removing the margin for human error and the need for regular retraining, Blue Mirror AI delivers the same instructions every single time, helping reinforce training.

training and practice mode

Blue Mirror comes with a training mode to train any new clinician or student in your specific practices, as well as a practice mode where training sessions are logged and results vetted, enabling students to practice on their own.

Software Features

Working from a wall mounted tablet, Blue Mirror AI can be used in and adapted to any environment.
Whenever a member of your team steps in front of the ‘mirror’, the system automatically begins guidance through the donning or doffing process, working through step by step, and automatically identifying and correcting PPE errors in real-time.

The system features:

  • 100% touchless interaction

  • anonymous real-time use: the system does not retain personal information or images of your staff

  • visual and audio guidance, adapted to your specific environment and PPE requirements

  • instant, real-time correction of errors

  • a training mode where students can test their knowledge, and where staff can review test results to address specific learning needs.

Constant learning: the system incorporates machine learning to constantly identify new errors, not only within your clinical environment, but with others around the world. This means the system can adapt as PPE protocol changes.


PPE Training & Practice

Blue Mirror can be used for the initial training of your clinicians, and/or as a practice and revision tool for ongoing assessment.

It works to:


Delivering step-by-step instructions, with video and audio, teaching your team how to properly don and doff their PPE. It does not require an instructor and can be used to provide multiple sessions of 1:1 training at the same time.


All training is delivered in a modular format and these modules can be accessed and reused, time and time again. This means students can revise their training at any time in the practice mode and will also have their training reinforced every single time they use the system live, too.


As part of the training programme, each student is given an individual profile with access to their own training platform, identifiable with an unique QR code. Every time they train or practice with the system, their results are logged against their profile, helping them to improve over time, and helping you to identify specific, individual training needs. The system specifically does not include or use facial recognition, to maintain your student’s privacy outside of the institution.

CorrMed the perfect partnership

Blue Mirror AI delivers a cutting edge PPE training and practical assessment tool, helping to improve infection control in all environments. At CorrMed, we have been working in the field of infection control software for more than 20 years. We believe this makes our two companies the perfect partners, extending our expertise in infection control.


Why not speak to our team about a Blue Mirror AI trial, or about one of our market-leading, infection control medical or vaccine bags or air purification for your facility.


For more information on Blue Mirror, please visit their website.

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