Odour management in the workplace with AIRsteril

Stop masking bad odours and spraying fragrances: eliminate them instead with an AIRsteril air purification unit 

From body odour in crowded places, to damp, humid smells in toilets, odours can be an embarrassing problem. Most solutions rely on masking the smells with fragrances and air fresheners, or try to minimise the problem with regular cleaning. Neither of these actually remove the problem, however, so why not use an alternative which does! Introducing air purification units from AIRsteril, which eliminate odours and the bacteria which cause them, providing a lasting, effective solution to the problem.

How does air sterilisation work on odours? 

Whether you’re dealing with body odours, toilet smells or smelly areas of your business e.g. waste storage or cellars, the majority of these smells are caused as a side-effect of bacteria. Where there is bacteria, there are odours. Other smells can then linger, produced either by processes such as smoking, or by volatile organic compounds in the air. The result: bad smells that you’d rather not talk about.


Air purification units use a combination of scientifically proven technologies to permanently remove the odour-causing issues in a room, permanently eliminating them. That means no more odour masking fragrances are required, and you won’t need to clean as regularly, just to control the odours. AIRsteril units specifically work in the air and on surfaces, using three processes within the unit, and then producing Plasma Quatro which circulates in the air and performs three further purification processes. It is these combined that help eliminate odours and provide a lasting, 24/7 solution to the problem.

Control and eliminate odours with air sterilisation

Where are AIRsteril units effective?

Anywhere that you have an embarrassing or unpleasant odour, AIRsteril can provide a discreet, effective solution. There are a number of AIRsteril units in the range, each with their own target areas, but here’s the most effective ones for odour elimination:

AIRsteril Multipurpose MP100

Covering large areas as either a mobile or permanent solution, in a 20m2 room the MP100 can eliminate body odour smells in 15 minutes, smoke or food odours in 30 minutes, sickness or incontinence smells in 1 hour, and other strong, persistent odours in 4 hours. Once eliminated, the unit can either be moved to another location, or can be left in situ to keep the room odour free.

Designed for smaller areas such as bedrooms, offices or private workspaces, the Air Silent is the quietest unit available, but it still packs a punch when it comes to eliminating odours. These units are often used in medical settings such as care homes or GP waiting rooms, where strong, persistent smells can linger. It can however be used in any setting up to 20m2.  

AIRsteril Washroom Thermal

Providing all the benefits of an AIRsteril unit, with specific adaptations for the hot, humid environment commonly found in bathrooms, toilets, washrooms and changing rooms. There are a variety of models depending on the room size and daily footfall, and each have been developed to deal with unpleasant toilet smells, as well as improving all-round hygiene. 

Adapted for food preparation and production areas, with the ability to keep working in cold temperatures, the DAX Ultimate is the best option for food-related smells. Although any of the AIRsteril units will work to eliminate food smells, the DAX Ultimate has been specifically adapted for operating at scale, or in refrigerated locations.

AIRsteril Mega Thermal

The unit of choice for anywhere storing, processing or recycling large waste quantities, the mega thermal is often used in waste processing plants, or above waste storage areas. Any AIRsteril unit can manage the bacteria responsible for odours around waste, however the Mega Thermal has been designed to cover large spaces and strong odours for maximum effectiveness. 

Odour control is one of the significant benefits of AIRsteril units, managing everything from smelly bins to lingering smoke, body odour to toilet smells. You can book a demonstration, or ask for site specific recommendations by speaking to our team on 01452 830269. 

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