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AIRsteril Dax Ultimate Small Area Range

The Dax Ultimate has been specifically designed to maintain best practice in bacteria control throughout the food chain. Challenging areas for cleaning such as chillers and delivery areas can be difficult to maintain quality hygiene practices, in the same way that you can on kitchen surfaces for example. The Dax Ultimate ULTSA has been specifically designed to deliver high quality hygiene practices and bacteria management through air sterilisation techniques, even at cold temperatures. 

The Dax Ultimate retains all the benefits of the core AIRsteril technologies, where the combined internal and Plasma Quatro processes work on the air and on surfaces to eliminate bacteria. The DAX Ultimate design simply adapts this to also work in cold environments, which makes it the perfect fit for food preparation and storage areas, ensuring shelves, walls, floors and ceilings are bacteria and pathogen free. As well as supporting you to meet your environmental health and hygiene standards, good bacteria controls also help to prolong the shelf life of products and reduce cross-contamination. For example, one study which evaluated the total viable counts of Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella in beef from slaughter to retail, found that the use of air sterilisation delivered a significant reduction in counts. Read more about using air sterilisation for food processing +

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use in food processing and food storage areas, including cold environments

  • Combines 6 air sterilisation technologies for effective bacteria, virus, and environment management

  • Wall mounted

  • Water resistant design

  • Requires an annual service and lamp change

  • Covers rooms up to 110m3 or can be used in tandem for areas up to 220m3.

More about the model: 

What varies between the DAX Ultimate and other models in the AIRsteril range is the washable stainless-steel outer and the water-resistant design. This makes it suitable for use in fridges, chillers and near water sources where water splashes are a concern. All of this is also achieved in a low wattage design and the power of this unit can be specifically adjusted to the scale of the room / area.

Bacteria management in the food supply chain using air sterilisation from AIRsteril

Suitable for:

We have seen this model in use across many food storage applications, but examples include:

  • Food processing areas

  • Food chillers

  • Boning halls

  • Cold storage areas.

Area Coverage:

The DAX Ultimate covers areas up to 110m3 or can be used in tandem to cover an area up to 220m3.


  • External Dimensions (L x W X D): 550mm x 250mm x 125mm

  • Unit weight: 6kg

  • Power supply: 220-230V / 22 watts.

  • Set up: wall-mounted with four fixing points. 

  • Exterior: stainless steel extrusion with IP65 waterproof rating

  • Operation: continuous use in rooms up to 110m3 or can be used in tandem for areas up to 220m3.

Infection risk management in schools with AIRsteril

Health and Safety:

  • AIRsteril technologies have been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum safety for your teams. Their design is market-leading, and the units combine more technologies than other air purification brands, to deliver the highest possible results from the unit. Specific Health & Safety measures include:

  • A sealed design to ensure 

  • UV light cannot escape the unit at any angle or be emitted into the room

  • the fan cannot be reached or touched accidentally

  • a single annual service to change the lamp and clean the unit

  • no loose cables.

  • The DAX Ultimate specifically used food-grade wrapped lamps to ensure compliance and is also IP65 waterproof unit rated

  • Ozone and other technology levels used are all in line with or less than the most stringent emission and safety regulations worldwide, including all British standards.

Bacteria management in the food supply chain using air sterilisation from AIRsteril

Benefits of using AIRsteril:

Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces. A study found 99.9% of bacteria and viruses were undetectable in just 60 minutes

Improve infection control and hygiene standards

Reduce absenteeism and labour costs

Improve your business image and reputation, particularly in light of COVID-19

Clear embarrassing odours and eliminate the need for masking agents

Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings

Protect staff and visitors alike.

Additional Information:

CorrMed is the leading UK distributor for the AIRsteril range and has successfully planned and installed a large number of air sterilisation systems. The business also has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development, giving us not only a unique insight into the AIRsteril range, but also how the range can support in infection control delivery. Read more +

Bacteria management in the food supply chain using air sterilisation from AIRsteril
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