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Bespoke Medical Bag Design from CorrMed

Designing Bespoke Medical
& Vaccine Bags.

As specialists in the field of medical bags and infection control, CorrMed is uniquely placed to design bespoke medical and vaccine bags, covers and accessories for transportation. We are often approached to create carrying solutions for complex equipment, including shaped bags for specific medical devices for example. Our expertise is in bag design and manufacture, and although we commonly focus on medical applications for our products, we also develop bespoke designs for complex, fragile, or temperature-sensitive items across all manner of industries, for example a range of bags developed for fishing.

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How We Work

The success of a bag design is all about the relevance of the bag design to the application, along with the quality and durability of the finished product.


Initial Planning

When developing your bespoke bag design, we work with you in an initial planning phase, to understand the requirements of the bag in full, including the size, shape, scope, and weight of what it will encase, how it will need to be carried, where and how it might be used, who will be using it, and what additional requirements need to be met, for example materials, padding and visibility.



We will then refine these requirements over a number of meetings whilst we devise a draft design which will encase your item(s), ensure that the contents are fully protected, meet the handling and Health & Safety requirements of your chosen locations, and provide aesthetic options too.



At the same time, we devise the manufacturing specification which our manufacturers will use to deliver the prototypes and the finished article.



At all stages, the designs and prototypes will be presented for your feedback and adjusted to suit your requirements. This includes giving you the opportunity to proactively test the bag design ‘in the field’ so that adjustments can be made before final development.

Partnering with CorrMed:

Partnering with CorrMed gives you access to a bag designer with more than 40 years relevant industry experience, infection control experts with specialist knowledge for medical environments (if required), and support from an ISO9001 certified business and ISO9001 certified manufacturer too.


In turn, we will deliver:

  • ​a comprehensive design service including manufacturers specifications, built to your requirements

  • sample prototypes built for market testing

  • a complete manufacturing service for your chosen design, delivered by an ISO9001 certified factory

  • the option of a packing, warehousing and logistics service to take your product to market.  

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Brian Arnott is our Chief Designer

He has spent 40+ years manufacturing and designing bags in the UK and overseas, for many businesses around the world.


Brian's unparalleled experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing skills enables CorrMed to offer world class bespoke bag design and manufacturing service.


Many will know Brian from his previous company Portability, who were market-leaders in bag design and manufacture, before Brian came to join us as an expert here at CorrMed.


CorrMed the perfect partnership

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