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AIRsteril UV: Proactive Infection Control and Air Purification System


Introducing AIRsteril, the proactive air purification system, scientifically proven to:

  • kill 99.9% of germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces

  • reduce absenteeism in offices

  • reduce cross-infection and cross-contamination

  • eliminate odours, both naturally occurring, and chemical based

  • control mould, fungi, and spores in the building

  • prolong the life of carpets and furnishing through reduced cleaning needs.

AIRsteril for Hotels & Spas

The General Manager at Barnsley House, part of the luxury Cotswolds hotel chain, The Calcot Collection speaks of his experience using AIRsteril products throughout the hotel and spa. 

How AIRsteril Works

The AIRsteril technology is available in a number of formats and sizes, to suit every business and use including:

  • Common areas and large rooms  to help control infections with people moving through

  • On the go / mobile solutions  for use in vehicles, or to move from room to room

  • Private or quiet spaces  to improve air quality

  • In washrooms  and high odour areas to improve the air environment




The AIRsteril products are in use across a number of sectors and environments, whether to help manage the risk of infection, germs and viruses, to eliminate odours, or to improve the overall air quality.

The Problem &

The Solution

​The air we breathe indoors contains thousands of particles, pathogens, and microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fungi, and volatile organic compounds.


These circulate through the air, settle on surfaces, pass between people, and can even create offensive odours.

It’s one of the reasons a cold will spread quickly through any workplace environment!


You can manage and remove some of these threats using standard cleaning and air filtration methods, but both offer partial solutions, and can’t account for the movement of people into and out of a room.


What’s more, as soon as you have cleaned, the air resettles on surfaces, recreating the problem.


Using an AIRsteril solves all that!

People Working in Open Office

CorrMed the perfect partnership


CorrMed is proud to be the official UK distributor for AIRsteril technology, providing you with access to the full range of solutions to support your business environment. CorrMed are infection control and management specialists and we only select scientifically proven, market-leading products to offer to our clients.

Why not speak to our team about a AIRsteril Demo, or about one of our market-leading, infection control medical or vaccine bags or PPE Ai Solution for your facility.

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