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AIRsteril in Hospitality: Hotels, B&Bs and leisure facilities

Manage odours, reduce absenteeism and protect your guests easily with AIRsteril air purification system

If you could protect your guests from viruses, reduce staff absenteeism, improve your indoor air quality and manage odours with one simple, money-saving solution, wouldn’t you do it?

Introducing AIRsteril, a revolutionary ozone and UV air purification system that can be used to improve air quality, eliminate bacteria and viruses, combat odours, and reduce sickness spread for your staff and guests. These discreet, simple-install and low maintenance units can be fixed to a wall or ceiling, or freestanding to move around your premises, getting to work in a matter of minutes and offer 24/7 protection.  Whether you focus on common areas and high footfall zones, or use them in the bedrooms, meeting rooms and private areas, AIRsteril offers a quiet, affordable, non-invasive approach to minimise person-to-person transfer of bacteria and viruses.

What is air purification?

Often referred to as air sterilisation, a portable or wall-mounted unit is used to combine several cutting-edge technologies, specifically designed to clean and purify air, and eliminate pathogens and nasties. Air is treated via a number of processes, before being released back into the atmosphere along with a substance called Plasma Quatro. The Plasma then goes to work in the wider environment, settling on surfaces and moving through the air, degenerating bacteria, viruses and spores in as little as 60 minutes. For you, this means better, cleaner air quality, and reduced risk of person-to-person illness transfer; a key concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more, the same technologies eliminate odours, including smoking residue, odours from waste, odours from pets, odours from people, and odours from washrooms, and help improve overall air quality removing dust and particles too. Even better, it works quickly and keeps working 24/7, so you don’t even have to think about it!

Managing infection threats in hotels & guesthouses
Combatting COVID-19 in the hospitality sector

Why is it effective?

As highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, infection control within hospitality environments is a must and many businesses have been impacted by loss of income through closure. The big problem is that the air around us has an extensive blend of bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds, pathogens, germs, and volatile organic compounds, and the more people there are moving through a space, the more of these are introduced, and the more likely it becomes that infection spreads person-to-person. Not only are guests breathing in aerosolised germs and viruses, but these same pathogens settle on hard and soft surfaces over time where they start to multiply; common bacteria will multiply from a single bacterium to many, many millions in as little as eight hours, making the surfaces we touch a hotbed of infection too.


Your cleaning regimes will do much to prevent the spread of infection, but every time a person moves through, breathes in, coughs on, or touches a surface in an area, they are resettling bacteria and viruses which will multiply until you clean again. What’s more, the pathogens in the air will start to settle again, adding to the problem. This means your cleaning can only guarantee protection at the point of cleaning, leaving your guests and employees unprotected for many hours every day.


Installation of air sterilisation units from AIRsteril provide a proactive, 24/7 management of this risk, not only eliminating surface viruses, bacteria and pathogens, but also eliminating airborne ones too. It works in as little as 60 minutes, providing ongoing infection management, regardless of how many people there are, where they interact and how they move. Even better, a quantified study found that staff absenteeism fell by 54% over the nine-month study, saving the business over £200,000, most of which was attributed to a fall in respiratory and intestinal illness transfer. In a hotel environment, this not only applies to absenteeism in staff, but also helps to prevent infection transfer between guests and visitors too.


As well as infection control, air sterilisation can also be used to manage and eliminate bad odours and improve air quality. The same processes which work on bacteria, viruses and pathogens, also control and eliminate odours, and remove particles and dust from the atmosphere too. This means fresher, cleaner, purified air and no offensive odours! What’s more it’s chemical free and you don’t need fragrances to mask previous smells. Read more about the technology here +

Which units are most suitable?

AIRsteril comes in a number of unique formats, each tailored to maximise the different technologies for their application. There are mobile units which can move from room to room, often alongside cleaning teams, or wall- or ceiling-mounted units which provide constant in-room protection. They are priced and installed based on size, but the units most commonly in use in hospitality and leisure environments are:

  • Multipurpose MP100 – the AIRsteril mobile version, which is best suited for small- to medium-sized rooms and can be moved from bedroom to bedroom. These are often used during cleaning or by housekeeping teams

  • Multi Flex – a wall- or ceiling-mounted unit best for common areas, large rooms or high footfall zones. These are regularly used in receptions, bars, restaurants, function rooms, board rooms, and leisure facilities. It can also be used in kitchens and food prep environments

  • Air Silent – the quietest wall-mounted unit, best for spas and quiet zones where guests enjoy some peace. Also suitable for use in bedrooms and suites

  • Washroom Thermal or Washroom Complete – the wall-mounted units which have the added focus of controlling odour in toilets, changing rooms and high odour areas

  • Mega Thermal – a wall mounted unit for areas of extreme odour such as waste storage areas, swimming pools, smoking areas or other similar zones.

Infection control in hospitality environments with AIRsteril Mega Thermal
Using AIRsteril to kill bacteria for the hotel guests and staff

AIRsteril in action: Calcot Manor


The Calcot Collection of Hotels has introduced air sterilisation throughout the collection, following an initial pilot with the housekeeping team at the Barnsley House Hotel. As part of a desire to go the ‘extra mile’ and provide 24/7 protection to guests and staff, the trial initially included a mobile sterilisation unit to enhance the cleaning routine in bedrooms, but the group has since deployed mobile units throughout the properties and extended to fixed units in the spas where ventilation is more challenging.


Executive housekeeper Olive Hannah says “The technology is marvellous. I was sceptical at first, thinking this would be a machine with chemicals and how it would corrode our buildings, fabrics, and materials. We take such care to manage our buildings, some of which are grade II listed, we were so thrilled to find a chemical free system. What was an added bonus, is that AIRsteril also eliminates unpleasant odours. Sometimes we struggle to turnover a room to the standards we expect if a child has been ill or similar events have caused offensive odours. Now with the AIRsteril system that CorrMed provide, we no longer have this problem as within a couple of hours all is cleansed and the rooms is fresh as the country air outside.”

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