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AIRsteril Washroom Complete Range

Washrooms often have a poorly ventilated, warm, and damp environment which is perfect for bacteria reproduction. This not only creates human health concerns, but is also responsible for unpleasant, lingering smells. The Washroom Complete range has been designed to specifically work in the humid environment of a washroom, targeting bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens, at the same time controlling odours while also being our lowest power consumption models. In turn, this creates a more pleasant environment to be in, and also supports a reduction in staff absenteeism through lower cross-infection rates. 

The main variation in the Washroom Complete models relate to the size and footfall of the installation area, as well as X model variations which are specifically designed if the washroom is particularly high odour. The models available in the Washroom Complete range are the WC20, WC30, WC30X and WC40X (see details below). The maximum area covered by a single unit is up to 40m2 and up to 10,000 washroom visits a day, although they can be used in tandem for larger spaces. 

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed to manage humid, washroom environments, controlling bacteria, viruses, pathogens and odours

  • Certified by the Health Protection Agency to manage faecal microorganisms forced into the air from toilet flushing

  • Combines 6 air sterilisation technologies 

  • Wall- or ceiling-mounted design with four fixed points

  • Requires an annual service and lamp change

  • Area coverage up to 40m2 and up to 10,000 washroom visits a day (see model specifics below)

  • Can be used in tandem for larger areas.

More about the model:

The Washroom Complete range harnesses all the power of AIRsteril technologies, but have been specifically adapted to handle the odour and pathogen challenges unique to washroom and bathroom settings. The core design is the same in all of the models: all that changes is the size and capacity of the unit dependent on the volume of the room and the footfall to the bathroom. We have seen these models used effectively in all sorts of washroom and changing room formats, including public bathrooms, high footfall washrooms at sports stadiums and conference centres, and commercial bathrooms in large office zones, as well as everyday office units.  

Managing odours and bacteria in washrooms and toilets with AIRSteril Washroom Complete

As with all of the AIRsteril range, the Washroom Complete models have been designed to increase hygiene standards beyond those achieved with cleaning alone. In enclosed spaces, particularly where ventilation is limited, airborne pathogens (including bacteria, viruses, mould spores and other volatile organic compounds) create offensive odours and spread infections. They are responsible for infection spread, staff absenteeism, bad smells and even descriptions of the air being ‘stuffy’, none of which can be fully managed or eliminated with cleaning alone.

Suitable for:

We have seen this model in use across many industries and applications, but examples include:

  • Washrooms in Conference Centres, Large Venues and Sporting Stadiums

  • Public washrooms and facilities in town centres and parks

  • Any size washroom in offices or commercial properties


  • External Dimensions (L x W X D): 420mm x 140mm x 95mm

  • Unit weight: 1.5kg

  • Power supply: 220-230V / 11.5-13 watts.

  • Set up: wall- or ceiling-mounted. Four fixed points

  • Exterior: Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion (vandal resistant)

Operation: continuous use in areas up to 40m2 (dependent on model selected)

Area Coverage:

The Washroom Complete Range has four different models to cover different area sizes and footfall levels. They can be used individually for the areas below or in tandem for larger spaces. If you are unsure of which size or model you require, please speak to our team on 01452 830269 and we will be happy to help:


High footfall: up to 1,000 bathroom visits per day:

  • WC20: any room up to 20m2

  • WC30: any room up to 30m2

  • WC30X: any room up to 40m2

The WC30X can also be used in smaller rooms which have received complaints about high odour levels. 


Extreme footfall: up to 10,000 bathroom visits per day:

  • WC30: any room up to 20m2

  • WC30X: any room up to 30m2

  • WC40X: any room up to 40m2

The WC30X and WC40X can also be used in smaller rooms which have received complaints about high odour levels. 


If you don’t believe these models meet your needs, then ask us about the Washroom Thermal range

Health and Safety:

  • AIRsteril technologies have been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum safety for your teams. Their design is market-leading, and the units combine more technologies than other air purification brands, to deliver the highest possible results from the unit. Specific Health & Safety measures include:

  • A sealed design to ensure 

  • UV light cannot escape the unit at any angle or be emitted into the room

  • the fan cannot be reached or touched accidentally

  • a single annual service to change the lamp and clean the unit

  • cables fully contained inside the unit to protect against moisture.

  • Ozone and other technology levels used are all in line with or less than the most stringent emission and safety regulations worldwide, including all British standards.

Managing odours and bacteria in washrooms and toilets with AIRSteril Washroom Complete

Benefits of using AIRsteril:

Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces. A study found 99.9% of bacteria and viruses were undetectable in just 60 minutes

Improve infection control and hygiene standards

Reduce absenteeism and labour costs

Improve your business image and reputation, particularly in light of COVID-19

Clear embarrassing odours and eliminate the need for masking agents

Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings

Protect staff and visitors alike.

Additional Information:

CorrMed is the leading UK distributor for the AIRsteril range and has successfully planned and installed a large number of air sterilisation systems. The business also has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development, giving us not only a unique insight into the AIRsteril range, but also how the range can support in infection control delivery. Read more +

Managing odours and bacteria in washrooms and toilets with AIRSteril Washroom Complete
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