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AIRsteril for washrooms

Combatting nasty odours in toilets and changing rooms without perfumed masking products

Toilets, bathrooms, washrooms and changing rooms can all be notorious for bad odours and disgusting smells. For many businesses, this means cleaning several times a day or using air fresheners to mask the smells. What if you could eliminate smells and have something that works 24/7, without any cleaning chemicals and without any extra cleaning time?


Introducing AIRsteril, a revolutionary air purification technology that can be used to eliminate odours permanently, at the same time controlling bacteria and viruses to protect your staff and users. AIRsteril offers a quiet, affordable, non-invasive solution, which is low-maintenance, doesn’t require a filter change and needs no cleaning products at all!

What is air sterilisation?

Often referred to as air purification, several cutting-edge technologies are combined into a handy portable or wall-mounted unit, designed to clean and purify air, and eliminate pathogens and nasties. Air is treated, before being released back into the atmosphere along with a substance called Plasma Quatro. The Plasma then goes to work in the wider environment, settling on surfaces and moving through the air, degenerating bacteria, viruses and spores in as little as 60 minutes. This means odour elimination, infection control and less cleaning needed.

Combat odours in toilets and washrooms with air purification
Eliminate harmful bacteria in toilets with AIRsteril

Why is it effective?

Washrooms and other commonly damp and warm environments are a hotbed for bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi, which in turn create odours and also help to spread infections between users. A good quality, regular cleaning schedule can help to reduce the risk of illness and manage odours, but they are only effective at the time of cleaning, after which bacteria starts to build up again.


Installation of air sterilisation units provide a proactive, 24/7 management of this risk, not only eliminating surface viruses, bacteria and pathogens, but also eliminating airborne ones too. It works in as little as 60 minutes, providing ongoing infection management and odour management, regardless of how many people use it, how often it is cleaned, or what bacteria are introduced from elsewhere. Simple as that!

Which units are most suitable?

Two AIRsteril units have been specifically designed for use in washrooms, toilets and changing rooms. As well as surface bacteria and odours, these units can handle faecal microorganisms released into the air from toilets and urinals.


The washroom unit you require will depend on several factors – size, footfall, air flow and usage peaks. An assessment and a short testing period will determine the best configuration for maximum results with one of the following units:

  • Washroom complete - fan assisted and designed for heavy use washrooms where there are 5000 or more visits a day.

  • Washroom Thermal - uses thermal convection to draw contaminated air into the unit where harmful microorganisms are eliminated.

Infection control in washroom environments with AIRsteril washroom
Odour and infection management in bathrooms with AIRsteril

Key benefits of use in washrooms:

AIRsteril helps you:

  • remove offensive odours.

  • improve infection control for staff and visitors

  • improve air quality

  • improve first impressions for customers and visitors

  • cut customer complaints

  • cut the use of cleaning chemicals and perfumes

  • extend the life of fixtures & fittings

  • cut staff turnover and absenteeism

  • comply with regulations.

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