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Using AIRsteril for infection control

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable workplaces, amenities and leisure facilities are to the spread of infection and viruses.


Any place where people pass through or congregate can be a potential hub of bacteria and virus spread, resulting in illness and absenteeism, and in the case of COVID-19 specifically, lockdown, and loss of income.


These risks can be reduced through:


  • Quality cleaning protocols

  • Good infection risk management including hand hygiene 

  • Good air ventilation

  • The control of people flow


But the big problem is that as soon as you have finished cleaning, bacteria and viruses start to settle on surfaces again, and new people bring new risks.

So, is there a way to constantly manage and reduce this risk further than just cleaning?


Introducing AIRsteril: proactive, efficient, illness reduction through air purification

Unless you are in a sterilised clean room, the air around us is full of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, mould spores, allergens, gases, and volatile organic compounds.


These can create offensive odours, but more importantly, are also responsible for the spread of infection through your staff, customers, and users.


As well as circulating through the air, these can all settle on surfaces and furnishings, creating infection risk through both breathing and surface touching.


Regular, quality cleaning can manage some of the problem, but what if you could provide 24/7 protection and reduce absenteeism by 42%?


The AIRsteril technology comes in a handy mobile or fixed unit and provides a constant process of air purification, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in as little as 60 minutes .


It works in the air and on surfaces, and in a quantified call centre study, was found to reduce absenteeism by 54%, saving the business £213,704 over the nine-month trial. Find out more about how it works, here +

Modern Office

The great thing is, that as well as managing and reducing infection risk, AIRsteril also helps to improve ventilation – an added bonus in winter when central heating can make it hot and stuffy.


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