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AIRsteril Mega Thermal MT75 unit

The bad smells and odours commonly associated with waste storage and waste processing areas are caused by bacteria on the waste. Regular cleaning schedules, air filtration, and chemical dosing can all help to keep the bacteria in check and odours at an ‘acceptable’ level, while masking fragrances can also help reduce the offensive nature of the odours. However, all of these simply provide short-term, at-the-time solutions to the problem. The longer you go without cleaning for example, the more the bacteria multiplies and the worse the odour becomes. The AIRsteril Mega Thermal MT75 can change all that, providing 24/7 elimination of bad odours by reducing and ultimately eliminating the bacteria responsible for creating them. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance option for waste odour control. 


As well as being unpleasant, odours from waste are managed by Environmental Protection Laws, making it an offence to manage waste in a way that may cause human health concerns or environmental damage. Any business with onsite compactors or waste storage, and any business that processes waste, are subject to odour control regulations, making it essential to manage this problem within your business. The Mega Thermal range from AIRsteril has been designed for areas of persistently high odour, can be used to save money for the business, reduce neighbour complaints, and improve the environment for the employees and visitors to the business. 

The Mega Thermal MT75 unit can either be operated as a free-standing unit, which can be moved from area to area for odour clean-up and management, or can be wall- or ceiling-mounted for continuous odour management in an area over 100m2. Areas larger than this can also be managed with Mega Thermal units working in tandem. One of the largest projects in the UK to date was for a waste transfer of 12,000m2 who received over 500 complaints a month from residents. AIRsteril Mega Thermal eliminated all detectable exterior odour and odour complaints disappeared overnight.  

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed to manage high-odour or persistent odour areas, particularly those associated with waste management and storage

  • Complete elimination of odours

  • Combines 6 air sterilisation technologies 

  • No chemical or moisture residue after use

  • Free standing, wall- or ceiling-mounted

  • Requires an annual service and lamp change

  • Area coverage up to 100m2 or install in tandem for larger areas.

More about the model: 

Although it has been upgraded for microbial management and high odour contamination areas, the MT75 still utilises the six core technologies of the AIRsteril range. This means that as well as controlling bacteria and the associated odours, the combined internal and external processes also eliminate viruses, volatile organic compounds, pathogens and particulates from the air. This improves air quality and creates a much more pleasant working environment, while also helping to reduce staff absenteeism and the spread of illnesses between staff members. It is not recommended for use in non-waste environments, simply because the intensive nature of this particular model will make it unpleasant for normal working environments. Instead, for other areas of your business, please look to the other solutions in the AIRsteril range.

Eliminate the odours in waste processing and waste storage areas with Mega Thermal from AIRsteril.

Suitable for:

The Mega Thermal MT75 has been upgraded to suit high-odour, high-contamination zones such as:

Area Coverage:

The Mega Thermal unit can be used to manage areas up to 100m2 or in tandem for larger areas than this. If you are unsure of which AIRsteril model you require, please speak to our team on 01452 830269 and we will be happy to help.


  • External Dimensions (L x W X D): 670mm x 160mm x 160mm

  • Unit weight: 3.4kg

  • Power supply: 100-220V / 56 watts

  • Free-standing as high as possible, or wall- or ceiling-mounted with two fixed points

  • Exterior: Anodised aluminium, solid extrusion (vandal resistant)

  • Operation: temporary or continuous use in areas up to 100m2

  • Can be used in tandem for larger areas.

Infection risk management in schools with AIRsteril

Health and Safety:

  • AIRsteril technologies have been extensively tried and tested to ensure maximum safety for your teams. Their design is market-leading, and the units combine more technologies than other air purification brands, to deliver the highest possible results from the unit. Specific Health & Safety measures include:

  • A sealed design to ensure 

  • UV light cannot escape the unit at any angle or be emitted into the room

  • the fan cannot be reached or touched accidentally

  • a single annual service to change the lamp and clean the unit

  • cables fully contained inside the unit to protect against moisture.

  • Ozone and other technology levels used are all in line with or less than the most stringent emission and safety regulations worldwide, including all British standards. 

Eliminate the odours in waste processing and waste storage areas with Mega Thermal from AIRsteril.

Benefits of using AIRsteril:

Control bacteria and viruses in the air and on all exposed surfaces. A study found 99.9% of bacteria and viruses were undetectable in just 60 minutes

Improve infection control and hygiene standards

Reduce absenteeism and labour costs

Improve your business image and reputation, particularly in light of COVID-19

Clear embarrassing odours and eliminate the need for masking agents

Extend the life of carpets and soft furnishings

Protect staff and visitors alike.

Additional Information:

CorrMed is the leading UK distributor for the AIRsteril range and has successfully planned and installed a large number of air sterilisation systems. The business also has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development, giving us not only a unique insight into the AIRsteril range, but also how the range can support in infection control delivery. Read more +

Eliminate the odours in waste processing and waste storage areas with Mega Thermal from AIRsteril.
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