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AIRsteril at home

Improving air quality, controlling odours, and combatting illness in your home

Do any of these apply to you? If so, AIRsteril is your solution:

  • someone in my household suffers from Asthma, hayfever, COPD, a respiratory problem or other allergens

  • someone in my household is immuno-compromised and I want to protect them

  • I worry about getting sick or making others in my home sick if I am unwell

  • I worry about bad odours and like my house to smell clean

  • I use air fresheners to create a nice smell in my home

  • someone in my household smokes and I’d like to eliminate the smell

  • I have pets who at home who are sometimes responsible for bad smells.


Introducing AIRsteril, a revolutionary air purification technology that can be used to improve air quality, eliminate bacteria and viruses, reduce sickness transfer and eliminate odours in your home. AIRsteril offers a quiet, affordable, non-invasive solution which will have your whole home happier, healthier and with no concerns about bad smells.

What is air sterilisation?

Often referred to as air purification, several cutting-edge technologies are combined into a handy portable or wall-mounted unit, designed to clean and purify air, and eliminate pathogens and nasties. Air is treated via a number of processes, before being released back into the atmosphere along with a substance called Plasma Quatro. The Plasma then goes to work in the wider environment, settling on surfaces and moving through the air, degenerating bacteria, viruses and spores in as little as 60 minutes. For you, this means better, cleaner air quality, it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, and it will totally eliminate odours from your home. Even better, it works 24/7 and there’s no filter for you to change or manage.

Use AIRsteril to improve air quality and eliminate allergens
Eliminate bad odours at home with AIRsteril

Why is it effective? ​

The air around us is filled with an extensive collection of bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds, pathogens, germs and volatile organic compounds. These settle on surfaces where they start to reproduce, and we also breathe them in, which has the potential to make us unwell. Add to this the fact that many bad odours are created by these bacteria and you could be living in a less than pleasant environment. Good quality cleaning does help to stay on top of the bacteria and odours, but as soon as you have stopped cleaning, airborne bacteria settle again.


In many households, this won’t be a significant problem, but in households where someone is has asthma or other respiratory challenges, where there are pets, where someone is a smoker, or there is someone with an immune-deficiency, it might be nice  to have extra measures in place to help manage the challenges. AIRsteril is that solution.

Which units are most suitable?​

The majority of units are designed for commercial use, but there are two which are small enough to work at home:

  • Multipurpose MP100 – the AIRsteril mobile version, which can be moved from room to room to work its magic

  • Air Silent – the quietest wall- or ceiling-mounted unit, best for use in bedrooms or where quiet is required.


The systems start from as little as £193, so are a great way to improve your home health and wellbeing.

Infection control in home environments with AIRsteril Multipurpose MP100
Eliminate bad odours at home with AIRsteril

Managing Asthma and allergens

It is worth noting that the AIRsteril units are not just effective on viruses and bacteria. They have six unique technologies inside, which also remove dust, particles, mould spores and other allergens from the air. This has the added advantage of helping to minimise irritants for family and friends with asthma or other respiratory challenges, or who are sensitive to many airborne allergens. 

Read our case study here + 

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