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How can air purification help those with asthma or other respiratory illnesses?

The air we breathe is vital to keeping us alive, but for those with a respiratory illness the quality of air is also a major factor. The air around us is a murky miasma of floating particles, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, mould spores and fungi, which circulate through the air, settle on hard and soft surfaces, get breathed in, and even create offensive odours. It is these particles that can have a serious affect on those with asthma, COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, and other respiratory illnesses.

We installed an AIRsteril, air purification unit into the bedroom of a boy with severe asthma. Here is his story, told by his mum.

“My son, Casper, has suffered with asthma for several years now. We have been through numerous chest infections, antibiotics, and steroids, not to mention the regular visits to A&E for him to be placed on a nebuliser.

I could always time one of his incidents; always around sports day, the summer with pollen spores flowing around and then into the winter as the air began to change.

We took him to be allergy tested and the results highlighted pretty much every allergy you can think of! We live in the countryside with horses and dogs, so unless I kept him in a total bubble, there was no way I could prevent him from encountering these allergens.

We managed his asthma for the most part through inhalers and steroids where required and being mindful of his trigger points. In the summer of 2018, Casper’s asthma was so bad that he couldn’t even walk up a hill, let alone get on a bike! He has always been a sporty, competitive lad so it was heart-breaking to see him struggle so much. At the end of the summer holidays, he was taking 8 steroid pills, as the dose was doubled and then doubled again.

I discovered the AIRsteril system through a friend and felt that it would be worth a try. Something had to change as I didn’t feel it was good for a young boy to be taking so many steroids. We were recommended to try one of the bedroom units, as that is where he spends most of his time, doing homework, gaming and obviously sleeping!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but the device was generally very straight forward to install. We were advised to locate it higher up the wall and secured it with a simple picture hook, then plugged into the socket and waited.

Within a couple of days, the air in his room had transformed. It is hard to describe, but it was ‘clean’ and easy to breathe. Casper noticed the difference pretty much immediately. His room is his safe haven, so whenever he is feely chesty or knows that he is having an allergy reaction, he spends time there. A small amount of time with the AIRSteril room means he can breathe fully again and eases his discomfort.

We have had the machine for two years now and Casper has been free of steroids since that point. The installation of AIRsteril really has changed our lives.

I’ve missed numerous days off work over the years, having to play catch up in evenings and weekends due to looking after him. When his symptoms were at their worst, I used to sit by him all night as when he lay down for too long, he’d end up choking and waking himself up. Since the installation of AIRsteril I haven’t taken a single day off work.

The bulb went out on the unit in spring this year, I didn’t think too much of it; we were also in the midst of a global pandemic. It wasn’t until September, when Casper returned to school, that we noticed the recurring symptoms again; chest infections, asthma cough, and struggling to catch his breath. Due to the symptoms, we all had to be tested for Coronavirus and ended up having to drive to Wales to get a test. I knew I needed to get the bulb replaced as I didn’t want him missing more school through having to isolate. The new bulb was installed, and we have had absolutely no problems ever since!

Casper is now 14, he is playing rugby and mountain biking with his friends, keeping up and no longer struggling to breathe. For anyone with allergy or extreme intolerance to pollutants, I would thorough recommend this system. It has transformed my son’s life and for that I am truly grateful.”

For more information on AIRsteril or to arrange a free consultation with one of our team please visit or call us on 01452 830269.


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