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Safe Air in Schools

As the school children and university students have returned to education after the Christmas break, authorities are still working to ensure we don’t face another full school closure and have started to look at solutions beyond simply isolating proven positive cases.

Current guidelines are focussed on causing as little disruption to face-to-face education as possible; as such it is probable that contagious students remain in group settings whilst asymptomatic but carrying the virus. The likelihood of the virus then being actively introduced and airborne in education settings is very high.

Our eyes turn to ensuring that the air circulating is carrying as little of the Corona Virus as possible. Government advice is to redouble efforts to ventilate school buildings and for all students in Year 7 and above to wear masks inside. AIRsteril goes one, or many, steps further by neutralising contaminated air and has proved under strict test conditions to do this in areas larger than the average classroom environment.

In primary settings, where children aren’t expected to wear masks, and where traditional ventilation may not be an option, installing an air sterilisation unit is the logical next step, and one Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi is keen to embrace.

The Department for Education has announced that is has purchased 7,000 units to be used in education settings where ‘traditional ventilation’ is not possible. This number is in addition to the 1,000 units previously ordered for Special Education settings.

CorrMed is urging Health and Safety, Facilities and Business Managers within schools to take a look at the statistics that make our AIRsteril units the perfect addition to a safer school environment with the best proven stats for maintaining a consistent clean-air environment.

What AIRsteril confidently provides where many of its competitors may not, can be seen below:

Product Function

Air must pass through unit for any impact


Independent test data on destroying bacteria


Independent test data on destroying viruses


Independent test data on destroying fungal pathogens


Independent tests on clearing viruses from large rooms


Proven reduction in surface contamination


Destroys formaldehyde


Safe for occupied areas


Replacement filters required


​Annual lamp replacement required


· Proven greater than 99.99% reduction in airborne germs within 10 minutes throughout large 75m3 room (full independent report using Coronavirus surrogate in 2020 available)

· Independent laboratory testing on virus surrogates, bacteria and moulds since 2009, (multiple laboratories with full reports available upon request)

· Independent testing on airborne and surface microorganisms

· Unit destroys Formaldehyde as well as other harmful volatile organic compounds

· NHS data on reduction in absenteeism with AIRsteril in real working environment (Ambulance call centre)

· Suppliers to NHS since 2014

· Designed for 24/7 operation, annual lamp replacement required

· Air does not need to pass through the unit to be purified as demonstrated with multiple test results


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