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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

With air purification units high on the list of ‘must haves’ for efficient infection control in the current climate, CorrMed discusses the unique benefits of its AIRsteril unit and why it is our rigorous testing process that proves it to be head and shoulders above the competition.

With seven varieties of AIRsteril units currently available, you can see at a glance that all angles have been thoroughly thought through in the design of its trusted air purification for a variety of specific settings.

It is not enough that the theory is solid, AIRsteril has been put through the most stringent testing in Germany to prove it worthy of the statistics attached to its efficacy.

Much of the current testing for alternative products is focused on the air immediately surrounding the unit. This testing offers statistics based on the monitoring of air entering the unit vs air leaving the unit, not on the air 5+ metres away being breathed in. To provide more relevant and user-aware test results, AIRsteril has been tested room-wide in an area of 75m3.

AIRsteril is able to achieve under test conditions over 99.99% reduction in airborne germs throughout a 75m3 room within 10 minutes of germ dispersal. It can achieve this because not all air has to pass through the unit to be purified, AIRsteril moves the air through the cleaning chamber slowly so not only is it completely sanitized, but in turn the clean air becomes cleaning air which travels throughout a room breaking down contamination within its path. If air is only sterilised by passing through the unit you simply couldn’t achieve the coverage that AIRsteril can before finding the air has been re-contaminated.

The testing in Germany last year was set up to show results in a much larger area that a normal test lab, whilst retaining all relevant controls. Tests were undertaken in a 75m3 room (equivalent to a 30m2 room with a 2.5m ceiling), surrogate germs were sprayed into the air to simulate individuals sneezing, coughing or just breathing out infected air. Without AIRsteril in place germs remained present an hour later. With AIRsteril installed, germs were no longer measurable 10 minutes after spraying. This is detailed as a 99.99% reduction and demonstrates how effective the AIRster technology is

Even with the statistic above, it is important to make the distinction between test environment and real-world scenarios. Any claim by an air sterilisation unit to provide a 99%+ reduction in air contamination in real-world settings cannot be accurate due to the fact that people, livestock and other variables are all a source of contamination with their own air exchange.

That said, AIRsteril’s proven efficacy in ongoing germ reduction by the sterilised air ‘self-replicating’ throughout large areas, goes some way to minimising the amount of time newly-introduced contamination is able to survive before being neutralised by the already cleaned air.

The AIRsteril team has performed a wide variety of tests in multiple accredited international laboratories, working with the NHS and on various customer sites and all test reports are always available for viewing upon request.


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