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Cold, smelly cellar in Grade II listed pub is reinvigorated thanks to AIRsteril, air purification system

The Bell & Cross pub is an award-winning grade two listed pub in picturesque Worcestershire.  The building has been sympathetically renovated to retain its charm and history, but it kept a smelly secret – the cellar.


Most cellars are typically damp and cold but this one had a very unfortunate smell, one that occasionally penetrated the upstairs airspace and thus became an unacceptable inhabitant. Pub owner, Joe Tansley had tried everything to rid the smell from the cellar space; deep cleaning, chemical cleans, jet washing and constant air freshener.  None of which had worked and left Joe feeling frustrated and unsure what to try next. 


CorrMed was recommended to Joe, with the suggestion that their air purification system, AIRsteril  may be just the solution he needed.  We talked to Joe and discussed the options available to him.  We installed the AIRsteril MultiFlex as it is the best option for high odour areas.  Within a matter of hours Joe noticed that the smell was notably less and after just two days there was no smell at all.


Initially thinking this must be a coincidence and there is no way such a small and inconspicuous device could do so much in such a short space of time, the team waited for a real test . . .  some wet weather.


The AIRsteril unit did not let them down and after torrential storms over a weekend the cellar did not smell, not at all.


Joe says, “After meeting Katie, I was confident the product could work but was sceptical as to how much it would dissipate the smell. I have to say the product is incredible and I wouldn’t stop in recommending it to anyone. 3 years headache taken away!”


AIRsteril is a proactive air purification system, scientifically proven to:

  • kill 99.9% of germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces

  • reduce absenteeism in offices

  • reduce cross-infection and cross-contamination

  • eliminate odours, both naturally occurring, and chemical based

  • control mould, fungi, and spores in the building

  • prolong the life of carpets and furnishing through reduced cleaning needs.


If you are looking to improve air quality, reduce illnesses and the risk of viruses and germs, or eliminate odours, installing an AIRsteril is one of the most efficient ways to do it. Talk to us about how we can help you.

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