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Bespoke Medical Bag Design

Our team at CorrMed relish a bespoke medical bag design project, researching & planning innovative solutions for customers old and new, with years of experience at the table.

Our UK based chief designer, Brian Arnott has over 40 years’ medical bag design experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing skills. Working with Katie Houghton, CorrMed’s founder whose enviable infection prevention understanding and knowledge enables us to offer a world-class bespoke medical bag design and manufacturing service.

We believe that the success of a bespoke medical bag design is hinged on the relevance of the bag design to its application, as well as the quality and durability of the finished product.

Our process provides a complete manufacturing service and sample prototypes, built for thorough market testing for your chosen bespoke medical bag design, all delivered by an ISO9001 certified factory. CorrMed is also an ISO9001 certified business, that offers support, optional packing, warehousing, and logistics to take your finished project to market.

Never standing still and with a passion for improvement, the team have introduced many new features to their own medical bag range over the years, with a primary focus on infection prevention and these include:

  • Wipe clean and waterproof materials

  • Removable interior for easy cleaning

  • Manufactured with anti-bacterial lining

  • Internal PVC lid for maximum protection against airborne contamination

  • Internal and external pouches to enable separation of sterile and dirty items

  • Velcro-free designs

View our range of medical bags available to purchase today >

​As specialists in bag design and infection prevention, CorrMed is uniquely placed to offer a bespoke medical bag design service. We have been approached to create many different carrying solutions for complex equipment, including shaped bags for specific medical devices.

Although our expertise is in bespoke medical bag design and manufacture, we also develop bespoke designs for complex, fragile, or temperature-sensitive items across a range of industries, for example bags developed for fishing.

Please get in touch with the team today, who will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and help bring them to life >


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