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Emergency Services National IPC Range


Innovation , Infection Prevention and Quality  


Working closely with Emergency Service Teams for feedback and field-testing, our portable medical bag range for frontline first responders offer storage and transport efficiencies, and improved infection control principals. 


The National IPC Bags have been designed as a direct result of requests from many front line medical, emergency services and also the make ready teams. Our National IPC Bag range is designed to fit UK 2022 recommended equipment. The internal layout has been optimised for easy access to equipment, fast identification of stock levels, good security and to offer 100% infection control designs.

All our bags have had their dimensions scrutinised to fit typical ambulance bag compartments and ensure the most petite of users can safely carry them. 


The years of experience with equipment bag design, manufacture and the input from our emergency medical service partners has resulted in a range of National IPC Bags from CorrMed. 


Our bags are fit for purpose, 100% infection control, durable, expertly designed, cost effective and are held in stock thus no minimum orders are required.

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