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Livewell Southwest, Community Nursing Directorate Manager

“It is clear the bags have been designed by community nursing teams.”  “This is going to make our jobs much easier.”

Community Nurse 'National IPC' Bags


Investing in Community Nursing Teams

Developing purpose-led, field-tested, portable medical bags for Community Nursing, our partnership approach with professionals creates fit-for-purpose medical bag designs. This approach develops medical bags that are uniquely suited to the realities of Community Nursing, bringing storage and transportation efficiencies, and infection control improvements, aligned with the National IPC standards. 

Working in partnership with Community Nurses, Community Nurse Matrons, and Infection Control teams, our CorrMed designers led to a design creation for Community Nurses, who desperately needed a safer and more organised approach to transporting equipment to their patients.

On hearing the challenges faced by so many Community Nursing teams, the CorrMed design team set about creating  a new range of bags for them. We used the original CorrMed Community Drugs Kit bag as a base for our designs, and then with advice and guidance from Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust, we created the range of bags known as the Community Nurse 'National IPC' Bags.


CorrMed has been designing and manufacturing medical bags for many years. Our Cold Chain bags and Medical bags were both used extensively during the Covid-19 Pandemic by both NHS England and also the Nightingale Hospitals.

Below you will see all aspects to the range. The bespoke designed Community Nurse bags can be bought as a bundle, or as individual items. We can apply a logo and there is no minimum order. 

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration or to place your order. 

Shortlisted with Royal Devon University Healthcare NHSFT for the HSJ Primary and Community Care Innovation of the Year Award 2023

Read some of our Testimonials

Livewell Southwest.jpg

"This is going to make our jobs much easier. The pouch system will also reduce stock wastage and reduce unnecessary trips back to the car or stores and all the associated costs."

Nicky Stidever

District Nurse Operational Lead 

Livewell Southwest

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