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HSJ Awards 2023

Having had the news that our client was shortlisted for the Primary and Community Care Innovation of the Year Category at the HSJ Awards, we have of course been on the edge of our seats. Sadly, Sam Charlton and the Community Nursing Team at Royal Devon University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RDUH) weren’t this year’s winners, but being shortlisted at these prestigious awards, alongside some of the sectors most incredible innovations, is a feat in itself. Well done Sam and team, and congratulations to Stort Valley and Villages PCN.

In partnership with us here at CorrMed, the Community Nurse team at RDUH worked with us to design an innovative community nursing bag to empower their teams and boost morale; improve efficiency, infection control and patient safety; and provide a nationally relevant, professional solution for other community nursing teams across the country. Released last November, the bags have now officially been awarded for their significant and measurable impact on quality nursing.

The bag was created in response to the requirements of the RDUH community nursing team, specially designed to securely hold the breadth of equipment that they need whilst remaining compact, versatile, and lightweight. Additionally, the bag has been made to meet the highest IPC standards, featuring a 100% infection control design which enhances patient safety.

The response was overwhelming, streamlining their team’s daily duties by making their equipment more transportable and organised. 100% of the nurses stated that they can now find the equipment that they need quickly, compared to the 39% previously. This increase in service efficiency reflects an enhanced organisation system which we are proud to have facilitated.

The CorrMed team had a wonderful time at the HSJ awards and are honoured to be part of the prestigious event. Awards like this fuel our continued commitment to success and inspire us to strive for excellence. Speaking of the event, Katie Houghton, Managing Director of CorrMed commented “The HSJ awards offer a great opportunity to hear about innovations in the medical field, and to be inspired by some of the very best practices in UK medicine. It was great to be in such esteemed company, and to see what incredible innovations are happening across the UK medical sector. For Sam and her team to have been recognised as part of this, and for our medical bag to be a credible finalist is absolutely outstanding. CorrMed is proud to be the innovator of medical bags that have made such a measurable impact on community nursing, and we are also proud that their value is spreading across the UK as they are adopted by additional teams. Well to Sam and her team for their vision in bringing this project to fruition.”


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