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Medicines Backpack for emergency services paramedics 


The Paramedic Medicines Backpack offers a practical lightweight medic bag for ambulance and rapid response teams, efficiently organising and storing medicines and drugs for transportation. It is designed to provide a secure and specialised bag for controlled drugs used by the emergency medical services. This lightweight medical bag incorporates a pouch storage system, to organise and group drugs by type, allowing for safe and efficient administration.


The CorrMed Paramedic Medicines Backpack provides an optimally designed bag in terms of external dimensions, weight, and internal layout as well as infection control materials. It is a very practical sized bag with a variety of carry options including backpack straps, over the shoulder strap and grab handles. The medicines bag is lightweight and the dimensions make this a really popular system for paramedics. The efficient internal layout provides all the space required to carry drugs in a safe, secure and organised manner. The bag features versatile internal storage for medics and clinicians including netting, elastics, pouches and a specialist tablet holder. 


The bag is made from heavy-duty tarpaulin (Tarpex) in a 500-denier material weight, making it extremely durable, wipe clean and waterproof. 

Medicines Backpack

    • Heavy-duty, high quality materials
    • Lightweight and practical size - W: 49cm, D: 33cm, H: 24cm

    • Accommodates standardised NHS Medicines kit list

    • Tamper-proof and water-proof zips

    • Includes 10 internal colour coded pouches 

    • 100% Infection Control design

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