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Entonox Cylinder Backpack for Emergency Service Teams

Developed to support the easy and safe transportation of Entonox, the CorrMed Entonox Cylinder backpack offers an effective carrying system for Emergency Service Teams and first responders. The CorrMed Entonox Cylinder backpack is designed to provide a flexible to use and easy to handle upgrade to the typical Entonox barrel bag. 


The CorrMed Entonox cylinder medical bag backpack has a flat base and sides, so no more rolling down inclines. In addition, it can be carried with a grab handle, adjustable and padded shoulder strap or as a backpack. 


Unique to this Entonox bag is the external clear window access points which allows the cylinder to be in active use whilst being carried inside the bag. This is a direct request from our design collaborators who may need this flexibility whilst transporting patients during lengthy search and rescue operations.


A single large additional storage pocket is available in the lid of the bag and an additional long, blue internal pouch. The pouch has an identifcation label, grab handle and both a tamperproof and waterproof zip.


The CorrMed Cylinder bags are designed to offer the ultimate in flexible usage. When two cylinders need to be carried, the Entonox Backpack can be adjusted to become a twin cylinder backpack, whilst still ensuring room for your equipment. 


The bag is made from heavy-duty tarpaulin (Tarpex) in a 500-denier material weight, making it extremely durable, wipe clean and waterproof. All contents are secured in place with an external waterproof and tamperproof zip. 

Entonox Cylinder Backpack

£119.00 Regular Price
£95.00Sale Price
    • Heavy-duty, high quality materials

    • Tamperproof and waterproof zips

    • Compact sized and Lightweight

    • Lightweight and practical size - W: 54cm, D: 27cm, H: 21cm 

    • 100% Infection Control design

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