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Everyday Pouch for Emergency Services


Bringing you our comprehensive range of “all rounders”, these pouches are durable, practical, and suited to a wide range of medical scenarios.


The CorrMed Everyday medical pouches have been designed for use either inside medical bags or as backups and to separate and differentiate medicine and equipment items. They are made from a heavy-duty polyester and the design incorporates clear lids to enable quick and easy identification of contents. The design also features waterproof and tamperproof zips for teams to add individual security seals when required. The pouches are extremely lightweight and the material can be wiped clean. The internal material is a medical grade foil and the clear lids include 2 windows for identification and / or QR codes.


Designed for use on the go by Community Nurses, Paramedics, EMTs, Rescue teams, and First Aiders, the CorrMed Everyday Pouches have been road tested by medical teams across the UK.


These pouchs can also be purchased as a set of three and includes one of each colour. They are available in three sizes.


Colour: Red, Green, Blue

Size: Small, Medium, Large

Everyday Pouches - Small, Medium and Large

    • Colour coded medical pouch
      • Red
      • Green
      • ​​​​​​​Blue
    • Size:
      • Small: W:15 / D:18 / H: 6.5
      • Medium: W:26.5 / D:18 / H: 6.5
      • Large: W:38 / D:18 / H: 6.5
    • Waterproof and tamperproof zips
    • 100% Infection Control design: Velcro free
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