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National IPC Range – Paramedic Bags

Over the weekend, we showcased our brand new range of paramedic bags at The Festival of Rescue, in Birmingham.

The National IPC bags by CorrMed are a brand-new selection of 9 paramedic bags, designed in conjunction with working paramedics and make ready teams. This was to ensure that The National IPC range of bags are 100% fit for purpose, as well as offering efficiencies for both teams.

Our chief designer, Brian has over 40 years’ experience in medical bag design, including paramedic bags. During his many years in industry he has listened to feedback, shared problems and common issues paramedics and make ready teams face with their current paramedic bags and decided it was time for a change.

The design team at CorrMed have worked hard to address and rectify the difficulties highlighted by those working out on the front line. The National IPC bags will revolutionise the market, providing features and efficiencies that do not exist in any other paramedic bags on the market at present.

The National IPC range of bags provides 100% infection control design:

  • Fully wipe clean, all materials can be wiped clean including webbing

  • Velcro free to aid infection control

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Double stitching throughout

  • Waterproof & tamperproof zips on all bags & pouches

  • Heavy duty materials & with outer yellow reflective strip

  • Double locking on external zip for security

This new range of paramedic bags also offers superior flexibility when it comes to carrying, with many bags having a backpack option as well as an over the shoulder strap and grab handles for in-hand transport.

To see the compact size of the bags, feel how lightweight they really are and hear how infection control has been a major focus in the new National IPC range of paramedic bags, get in touch today.

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