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Building Better Bags

At the heart of CorrMed medical bags, we combine innovation, field-testing and our longstanding experience, to create medical bags that perform better than the leading market alternatives. Where some see an equipment bag, we see opportunity to drive NHS and medical team gains through enhanced team productivity, best in class infection control standards, and improved health and safety. It is through this approach that we have developed our National IPC compliant medical bags, which continue to reap rewards for the teams that use them.


Take for example our Entonox Bag and our Oxygen Bag. Working alongside medical teams that actually use them, our design and prototyping team identified some key flaws in the existing market options. Size and layout were two key areas needing improvement, with existing options either requiring the user to carry multiple bags, or use bags that allowed equipment to get muddled or lost.

Our solution was to develop a design that provides:

•          enough space for all commonly required equipment within a single bag

•          capacity for non-standard items if required

•          a segmented layout that makes equipment easily accessible.


For the Oxygen Medical Backpack for example, the design incorporates separate compartments for Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA), Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA), and iGels, ensuring they are clearly laid out, secured in place, and easy to access. Separately, the cylinder is also held in place with a divider and covered elastic, the bag also has capacity for two cylinders if required for teams that use these bags on the go. Other features include a folding divider for users to create their own space for extra pouches; heavy-duty, wipe-clean materials; access windows to allow the cylinder to be used inside the bag; and a three-way carry system to allow the bag to be used as a backpack, a grab bag or a shoulder bag as preferred.


This design-led approach has supported time and efficiency savings in the field, reduced medical stock wastage and restocking time, while also securing manual handling improvements through a better carrying system. In turn, this supports medical teams to focus on using their expertise to save lives.


Standard to all our bags, we also incorporate lightweight designs that use heavy-duty materials, to support manual handling as well as equipment longevity. What’s more, we draw on the expertise of our Managing Director Katie Houghton, who has spent years developing and utilising infection control systems, to make sure Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) are at the heart of everything we design. We hand-select all our high-quality materials to combine durability with infection-control.


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