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Providing Community Nursing bags to Sandwell & Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

CorrMed provided 240 Community Nurse Bags to the Trust.

CorrMed liaised with Simon Lines, Matron at SWBH NHST, who was very positive and felt the bags would work well for the community nursing teams. They are 100% IPC compliant, lightweight, with different carry options and individual pouches.


Simon said: "The nurses needed a bag with compact design which also allowed them to find items easily and quickly. We also needed a solution which was lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. We had looked at a couple of other options but couldn’t find anything out there that would fulfil all our needs.”


The community kit bags include a boot bag filled with brightly coloured pouches. These customisable pouches are lockable and can be labelled and filled with the medical equipment and dressings required by the team. The pouches can then be individually removed, making it quicker and easier for the community nursing teams to treat patients.


CorrMed provided 240 Community Nurse Bags to the Trust. These were rolled out to district nurses and community palliative care team in June 2023.


Simon added: “We’ve had a very positive and productive experience working with CorrMed. The team has listened to our needs and provided us with a bag that meets all of our requirements. It means our nurses can access the equipment they need with ease and continue delivering excellent care to our patients.”

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