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Enhancing Efficiency with Gloucestershire Health and Care

Empowering GHC's Community Nursing teams, CorrMed delivers bespoke medical bags, optimising efficiency and patient safety in local healthcare delivery.

CorrMed was delighted to collaborate with Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (GHC) - our local Community Trust - to address the unique needs of their Community Nursing teams. GHC recognised the importance of equipping their Community Nurses with high-quality bags that not only enhance their work but also elevate patient safety and infection control practices.

The collaboration stemmed from discussions with the Head of Community Nursing at GHC, who immediately recognised the value and benefits of CorrMed's Community bag range. With a focus on providing tools that enhance operational efficiencies for their team, they also recognise the opportunity to attract new staff by offering top-notch equipment, even featuring the bags in their recruitment campaign.

Upon implementation, GHC observed significant improvements across their teams, particularly due to the bag’s compactness, lightweight design, and ease of cleaning. One Community Matron from the Complex Care Team at GHC expressed, "I find the ability to carry a much lighter smaller bag/bags really helpful and important for our MSK health."

Moreover, the intuitive organisation of the bags and their pouches was highlighted as a key feature by GHC staff. The clear visibility of supplies within the bags enables quick access to necessary items, thereby streamlining their workflow. As stated by another Community Matron, "I like being able to see where everything is easily."


Following the positive response, GHC extended the deployment of CorrMed bags beyond their community nursing teams, with the Complex Care team, the Evening and Overnight District Nursing and subsequently the Children’s Community Nursing team purchasing full sets too. The bag’s portability and ease of use have improved professional presentation as well as organisation, as Case Manager and Community Matron at GHC remarked, "I really like the blue bag [National IPC Stock Bag]. Everything is compact in one bag, a lot more organised with the little bags [home visit bag and pouches]. Looks a lot tidier in my boot."


Our range of high-quality medical bags can provide tailored solutions that meet unique needs. For Trusts seeking to elevate their infection control, professionalism, and efficiency, contact CorrMed to discover how our team’s expertise can transform your healthcare operations.

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