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CorrMed Tailored Solution for SLaM

By delivering practical, durable, and secure bags, we empower healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality patient care, efficiently.

CorrMed partnered with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) to provide tailored medical bag solutions for their new eating disorder service. SLaM required bags that were designed to withstand daily use by their team, particularly emphasising the challenge of transporting cumbersome equipment on public transport. Addressing this crucial need, we designed our medical bags to ensure optimal suitability for travel on public transport.


Understanding SLaM's needs, CorrMed designed bespoke bags with practicality at the forefront. These bags are not only completely wipeable but also crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, ensuring ease of transport. Perfect for SLaM’s on-the-go healthcare professionals, the bag features a selection of straps, enabling versatile carrying options. This National IPC bag can be hand held, worn on the shoulder, or carried like a backpack, ensuring ease of movement and convenient transportation.


The bags also feature internal pouches for the safe and secure organisation of medical supplies, protecting them during transit, which is especially pertinent for staff that cycle between home visits. Additionally, lockable zips provided an extra layer of security, ensuring the safety of the contents.


Deputy Clinical Service Manager at SLaM highlighted: “The internal pouches have been particularly helpful in organising the medical devices and the bag is nicely manageable on public transport.” 


CorrMed's customised solutions demonstrate our commitment to meeting the unique needs of healthcare providers. If your organisation requires a tailored solution, our experts are ready to collaborate with you. Contact us today at +44(0) 1452 830269 or visit to learn more.

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