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Pharmachill Coolant Block - Large

As a method of maximising cold chain storage for vaccines and medicines on the go, one option is to include coolant packs inside our large and extra-large Porta Thermal Cold Chain bag range. Coolant blocks can be chilled or frozen, and these Pharmachill Coolant Blocks offer a rigid bottle design to maintain cooling within the bag.


Pharmachill Coolant Blocks come in a rigid, plastic format, with a non-toxic, water-based PCM. This makes them ideal for 2-8˚C and 15-25˚C solutions. They are extremely durable, making them wholly reusable, therefore providing a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to other gel options. As an added advantage the rigidity means the blocks can remain upright in the sides of the bag to add insulation and constant cooling.


These blocks are commonly used by community nursing teams, paramedics and search and rescue, to extend the time that vaccines and medicines are in cold chain, particularly when they are opened several times in an outreach session. Using coolant blocks and gels helps to maintain temperatures inside insulated bags, and measuring 20cm x 20cm, they fit neatly into our  large & extra-large Porta Thermal Vaccine Carry Bags. Multiple can be used in a single Porta-Thermal bag (depending on its size) to extend time in cold chain even further. We have made recommendations for how many on each of our vaccine bag product pages.



  • External Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 30mm
  • Unit weight: 1.05kg


Additional Information:

CorrMed has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development. We are ISO9001 certified, as is our quality manufacturer and our bag designer has been creating transport bags with thermal properties for over 40 years. Read more +

Pharmachill Coolant Block - Large - Case of 17

SKU: CP02117
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