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The 2022 NHS Flu Immunisation Programme

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Over the last 2 years during the coronavirus pandemic, the UK has had the largest NHS flu vaccination programmes ever. Across the UK statistics have shown some of the best flu vaccine uptake levels ever achieved in many of the cohorts, with more people vaccinated than ever before.

Since COVID-19 mask-wearing, reduced social interactions and international travel have contributed to extremely low global influenza activity levels in 2020 to 2021 and at present continue to be low.

However, experts state that a late increase in activity cannot be ruled out this season, as social contact returns to pre-pandemic normal. This is likely to cause a resurgence in influenza activity this winter to levels similar to or higher than before the pandemic.

The potential for co-circulation of influenza, COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses could add substantial pressures to the NHS this winter therefore, the public are being advised to book a flu jab.

Vaccination should be given in sufficient time to ensure patients are protected before influenza starts circulating. Many local GP surgeries and pharmacies are booking Flu jabs now, in October, to ensure people are vaccinated before the virus becomes prevalent.

Vaccinations must be transported correctly in line with Public Health England guidelines. Extending time in cold chain has been a challenge felt by all front-line staff responsible for the roll out of the vaccinations.

The effective handling, transportation and storage of vaccines is a delicate task because vaccines must remain at the right temperature for the right amount of time to be viable when required for patient administration.

The Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine Bag range from CorrMed is designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of vaccines in line with Public Health England guidelines and internationally equivalent standards.

To ensure CorrMed vaccine bags exceed industry standards, they have been subject to extensive independent and in-house testing, which can be viewed here >

Key benefits of the bags include:

· Wipe clean and waterproof material that is anti-mould and anti-bacterial

· Velcro free

· Anti-rot stitching to withstand extra cleaning to meet infection control requirements

· Easy handling including ladder handles, integrated trolleys, adjustable shoulder straps and grab handles

· Optimising thermal qualities: insulating material, padded zip protection, thermal separators, pillows, coolant holders and inner lid

· Heavy duty, durable components including 250D tarpaulin, YKK zips, metal fastenings and protective feet on base

· To withstand real-world use and damage, not just laboratory conditions

View the range of bags online & order today >

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