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Vaccine Bags supporting immunisation rollout in schools

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

From the days of the BCG jab to today’s HPV vaccine, inoculations have been administered in schools for decades. With the potential extended rollout of Corona Virus vaccines to primary school children anticipated imminently, our thoughts go to the logistics of distributing and administering in a safe and timely fashion.

CorrMed’s vaccine bags could be invaluable in this process, looking back to the start of the vaccine process where batches of vaccines were having to be disposed of after reaching optimum temperature for administering. Vaccine bags, which can be tailored to the user’s requirements, enable the safe transport as cold chain is maintained and monitored throughout the transportation, so avoiding the inevitable waste of over supply to individual schools.

The CorrMed Porta thermal vaccine bags ensure that vaccine can be kept in cold chain (2-8°c), which has been independently tested and shown to hold cold chain for up to 9.98 hours.

The vaccine bag, created and distributed by CorrMed, will facilitate safe transport and storage of vaccines in schools for the duration of the day it may take to administer the product. Coupled with a data logger, the school immunisation teams can monitor temperatures throughout the day to ensure all vaccines are safely within cold chain.

“Our hope is for our vaccine bags to become synonymous with safe and timely transport of temperature-sensitive medical supplies. Traditionally, insulating products have been single-use polystyrene type materials which are not sustainable and it is important, we feel, to invest in durable products like the Porta thermal vaccine bags which can be reused indefinitely and are wipe clean.” Said Katie at CorrMed.

The product is already proving its worth in the market, one example of which is; CorrMed provided the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) with 20 & 30 litre vaccine bag bundles which included a foldable trolley, coolant and data logger.

Lee Balcombe, Head of Operations at Brighton Vaccination Centre said,

“The bags are fantastic; they hold temperature really well and the trolley is a great addition. Buying the whole kit bundle was an excellent option saving time which was needed when setting up a Mass Vaccination site. The 17 vaccine porters are used regularly to transfer vaccines between sites and are always on stand-by to support the Business Continuity Plan if the fridges on site go down. Many thanks for the prompt delivery and excellent product.”


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