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How to choose the right vaccine transport bag for you

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The effective handling and storage of vaccines is a delicate task, ensuring that vaccines remain at the right temperature for the right amount of time, as well as ensuring that the bag or box that they are stored in is robust, durable and able to meet appropriate infection control protocols.

Here at CorrMed, we have over 40+ years’ experience of bag design and a background in infection control & prevention. Our team has the skills and knowledge to help you find the right vaccine transport bag for you.

1. How many vaccines do you need to carry each day?

If you are seeing 10 patients a day, then a small, easy to carry vaccine bag will be perfectly suitable. If, however, you need enough to support the community vaccine centre, then you will likely need a much larger vaccine bag with strong shoulder straps and possibly a trolley option too, so that you can move with ease.

2. How far do you travel each day?

Are you a community nurse who is travelling around a vast area each day or do you just need to get to one central place? Depending on how far and how long you are travelling will determine the size of your required vaccine bag. It needs to be able to support the number of vaccines (as per point one) but also hold them in cold chain (2-8c) for as long as possible. The more stops that you make and the more often the bag is opened has a direct effect on the time that your vaccine bag is able to remain in cold chain.

3. Do you have access to a medical fridge?

If you are able to access a medical fridge then your transportation option does not have to hold the contents in cold chain for as long. If no medical fridge is available and your transport bag is your only option, then it needs to be well made and able to keep the contents within cold chain temperatures.

Our range of Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine bags are wipe clean, made from waterproof material that is anti-mould and anti-bacterial. They are easy to handle with ladder handles, integrated trolleys, adjustable shoulder straps and grab handles enabling you to manoeuvre with ease. Their thermal properties allow them to maintain cold chain for up to 9.98 hours using insulating material, padded zip protection, thermal separators, coolant holders and an inner lid.

Talk to one of our team about the best vaccine transportation option for you and your needs.


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