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International Nurses Day 2024: Addressing Systematic Challenges

Celebrated around the globe on May 12, International Nurses Day commemorates the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, honouring the profound contributions nurses make within the healthcare sector. The day calls us all to acknowledge their indispensable role in improving patient care and celebrate their unmistakable impact on the lives of patients and patient’s families every single day.


Often spending the most time with patients, nurses are patients’ greatest advocates, ensuring their voices are heard, their needs are heard, and their rights are protected. In day-to-day work, nurses have to be versatile in order to meet a diverse range of demands, expanding their role from clinical experts to counsellors and coaches.


Yet, despite being the backbone of healthcare, nurses are all too often forced to grapple with excessive workloads and inadequate compensation, in addition to age-old issues such as emotional and physical strains. Furthermore, misconceptions and stereotypes reinforce the idea that nurses are mere assistants, rather than highly skilled professionals. IND 2024 aims to reshape perceptions of nursing to create positive economic and societal changes for the profession.


Working closely in collaboration with medical professionals, community nurses in particular, we’re dedicated to tailoring our Community Nurse Bags to deliver the utmost value to community nurse teams. At CorrMed, we recognise the invaluable contributions of nurses, with an acute understanding of their breadth of skills. As such, we are ardent supporters of the empowerment of nurses, from the protection of their rights as employees and as vital members of society.

Fundamentally, we believe – and know – nurses deserve better.


Our bespoke medical bags are designed to equip medical professionals with the essential tools needed to deliver exceptional patient care. Having undergone extensive trials with numerous NHS teams and adapting our designs accordingly, CorrMed IPC bags have been proven to optimise efficiency, enhance patient care, and uphold the most stringent infection control protocols. In addition to their functionality, our bags provide unparallelled comfort, alleviating physical strain and minimising the risk of injury.

This International Nurses Day, prioritise the well-being of your nursing team by empowering them to perform their duties with ease and efficiency: view the CorrMed range here.



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