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Celebrating Community Service Week!

This week, along with the Community Health Services, we are celebrating Community Service Week!

NHS Confederation and NHS Providers are joining forces to run a week-long celebration of community services across their social media channels, so we’re supporting this and want to bang the CHS drum - loud and proud!

This week is going to be an upbeat week, that we feel should be used as an anticdote to winter pressures, the Cost of Living crisis, and to really focus attention on the positives that the DCHS have collectively achieved over the last year.

We are looking forward to seeing so many amazing Services, and individuals talk openly, and share their experiences about the amazing Health Care that they have provided.

At CorrMed we are absolutely thrilled to be working with many Community Health Services teams through producing efficient Medical Supply bags as designed with the Clinical Matron for Community services at Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

A few weeks ago, at the National District Nurse Conference, we launched and unveiled our brand-new line of Community Nursing Bags.

Through this revolutionary community nurse bag system, we are helping Community Nurses carry out their work by providing efficiencies when it comes to storing stock, saving on time spent collating and storing medical supplies, saving time on travel and most importantly improving staff morale with a more professional image.

Want to learn more about our products? Simply click here


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