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Streamlining Efficiency with Livewell Southwest

CorrMed medical bag solutions making jobs easier for Livewell Southwest.

In September 2022, CorrMed joined forces with Livewell Southwest for the first time, supplying our Community Nurse Bag range to the organisation. As the first organisation to adopt our Community Nurse Bags, we were delighted to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from their team.

The Community Nurse Bag range aims to address specific challenges faced by community healthcare professionals, including a need to enhance efficiency, organisation, infection control, and patient safety where possible. Made with heavy-duty yet lightweight wipeable materials, our bags feature 100% infection control design protocols.

Livewell Southwest shared their enthusiasm for the Community Stock Bags, emphasising the functional design and its impact on their teams. The Community Stock Bags were also praised for contributing to a more professional image, especially with the addition of a bespoke logo, resulting in heightened pride among staff.

Michelle Freeman, Directorate Manager of Community Nursing at Livewell Southwest stated the efficiencies gained from a well-organised stock transport system included: “reducing unnecessary ‘return to base’ travel [and] reducing stock wastage and improving time efficiency as the relevant supplies are easy to find”. Consequently, the bag was quickly adopted across various departments at Livewell Southwest, including Community Nurses, Phlebotomy, Continence, and Tissue Viability. Michelle commented "It is clear the bags have been designed by community nursing teams and specialist medical bag designers as they show innovation, quality, and flexibility to adjust to the needs of our different teams.”

Committed to addressing the real-world challenges faced by healthcare professionals, we were quick to respond to feedback from Livewell, and implement changes suggested after the rollout. Livewell Southwest offered valuable feedback, requesting the addition of backpack straps to help streamline home visits. These have been exceptionally well-received and have been particularly helpful for navigating high-rise buildings without lifts. Michelle stated: “The manual handling and health and safety at work will be greatly improved with the CorrMed kneeling mat as well as the lightweight nature to the bags with so many flexible carrying options such as backpack straps and the option for a trolley.”

Guided by invaluable feedback, CorrMed’s Community Stock Bags from the National IPC Community Nurse Bag Range, enhance operational efficiency, increase patient care, and contribute to a professional healthcare environment. If your community team need a bespoke solution, our experts are ready to collaborate with you. Contact us today at +44(0) 1452 830269 or get in touch at

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