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Why is it that so many front-line workers struggle with their Paramedic bag?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Our research has revealed that a well-designed paramedic bag is hard to find and that there are several factors to overcome:

  • Paramedics have an ever-changing kit list which needs to be accessed quickly whilst dealing with casualties.

  • Make ready teams work tirelessly to ensure response bags are fully cleaned, restocked and ready for use whilst also working to tight timelines and manual handling health and safety directives.

  • Procurement is continually challenged to find bespoke bags in short timeframes.

Paramedic Bag Research and Development

During 2021 the CorrMed R&D team began working with two leading firms of paramedics in UK. The goal for all concerned was to design a new range of paramedic bags which will enable more efficient care through providing an industry standardised medical equipment bag which meets infection control requirements.

The CorrMed collaboration with these front line clinical teams delivered two newly designed paramedic bags.

Key Features of The New Paramedic Bags

The National CorrMed bags feature numerous internal pouches to enable the fast identification of contents. Both bags are durable, lightweight, and made with wipe-clean materials preventing cross-infection. These new paramedic bags have also been designed to be as small as possible to fit into tight spaces.

Why CorrMed?

CorrMed has more than 20 years’ experience in infection control product development, is ISO9001 certified, as is the quality manufacturer. Our designer has been creating medical bag designs for over 40 years, making him one of the most experienced in the industry.

The new CorrMed National Bag Range initially launches with two paramedic bags which will be available to purchase direct from CorrMed only.

CorrMed also manufacture a range of Cold Chain Vaccine Bags, and offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service.

Read more about CorrMed.


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