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Using AI to provide virtual PPE trainers when geography is a challenge

Does your location present a problem when delivering PPE training? Or are your students logistically challenged and based miles apart? Consider AI (artificial intelligence) as a solution to this problem.

Blue Mirror is an observational AI tool, that automatically assesses and corrects errors in PPE application.

Operating through a wall-mounted tablet Blue Mirror can be used in training mode, to help teach medical students and refresh the knowledge of practising clinicians.

Canterbury District Health Board have been using Blue Mirror for their PPE training, read the full review here >

During a recent business trip to Scotland for the IPC Conference in Edinburgh, Katie and Fiona spoke to various NHS workers, who face extreme challenges when it comes to geography, having to cover multiple islands – Scotland has over 900 offshore islands.

Teams across the UK often face daily struggles when it comes to meeting on site in-person, whether it be through great distance or simply appalling road congestion. Remote PPE training can become ineffective, with low levels of retention and impossible monitoring.

Blue Mirror AI presents a workable solution to this problem, making effective PPE training, accurate monitoring and reporting once again achievable.

When examining the effectiveness of remote PPE training it is imperative that the chosen system provides accurate data and information on candidates. Blue Mirror does just that, with excellent integrated reporting, admin can visually monitor Blue Mirror users and pull reports from the PPE training system.

As of May 2022, there have been 3 successful UK Blue Mirror evaluations, and these have taken place in different hospital environments across the UK. Blue Mirror has received 100% user recommendation from UK evaluations and extremely positive feedback. All

Blue Mirror case studies can be viewed here >

For more information on Blue Mirror and to see it in action, please follow the link & get in touch >

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