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An infection prevention specialist is warning of the increasing need for ‘vital access’ to medical products as the UK’s healthcare services faces the prospect of an ‘upcoming twindemic’ on the eve of flu season.

CorrMed, a producer and distributor of infection control products, has seen a surge in demand for its infection resistant medical bags from hospitals and medical centres, as the need to increase vaccination against influenza grows.

Scientists have warned that although the spread of coronavirus could double during the looming flu season, having the flu vaccine could lower people’s risks of contracting COVID-19. This has also prompted a rise in demand for the jab from patients across GP surgeries and medical centres.

Katie Houghton, director at CorrMed said that “while the next few months will be a daunting prospect for healthcare services, suppliers must help support community mitigation efforts, through enabling efficiency and reliability where access to infection prevention and safety products are concerned – both being prerequisites in managing both viruses.

She continued: “We’ve experienced a 533% increase in sales so far for the month of September, compared with the same period in 2019. This unprecedented rise in demand is a clear call to action for the healthcare sector across the country and indeed the UK to be on high alert. Having ease of access to supplies will prove vital in ensuring the NHS is supported as best as it can be to cope with the anticipated high demand over the coming weeks and months. If there is the chance of the flu jab reducing the burden of influenza, we want to ensure the means to do that is firmly in place.”

CorrMed is also distributor of AIRsteril, an advanced UV air sterilisation system that rids the air of dust, bacteria and viruses, to ensure the air and all exposed surfaces have been sterilised. The company is currently working across numerous sectors as business owners and organisations urgently seek ways to minimise risk of spread in workplaces.


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