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Porta Thermal Vaccine Bags

We are incredibly proud that we have been awarded inclusion within the approved suppliers list for National Services Scotland for our Porta Thermal Vaccine Transport Bags. Several Health Boards are already in touch with our team to evaluate the bags and we are seeing keen interest from many teams.

The Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine Bag range from CorrMed is designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of vaccines in line with Public Health England guidelines and internationally equivalent standards.

To ensure CorrMed vaccine bags exceed industry standards, they have been subject to extensive independent and in-house testing. To see results contact us

The individually designed bags incorporate years of research and experience held by the CorrMed team in the field of infection control. All our designs are reviewed and developed using end-user feedback throughout the process, including expert clinical input from Karen Guest-Humphries from the childhood immunisation team for Durham, Darlington and Teesside NHS Trust.

Key design elements include:

o Material and inner lining which are wipe clean and waterproof

o Manufactured with anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-fungal material

o Velcro-free design

o Anti-rot stitching for easy wipe down

o Public Health England and equivalent standards


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