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Partnering with CorrMed

Partnering with CorrMed gives you access to a bag designer with more than 40 years relevant industry experience.

We are always willing to partner with other Emergency/Healthcare Organisations to create the most innovative products that provide real solutions to the safe transport of Vaccines, Medical supplies, and other essential Equipment.

Sometimes we are approached to create carrying solutions for complex equipment, including shaped bags for specific medical devices.

For example, our Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine Bags are a range designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of Vaccines in line with Public Health England guidelines. The range is also designed to encompass internationally equivalent standards.

The design of the Porta Thermal Cold Chain Vaccine Bags is firmly based on years of research and experience in equipment bag design and manufacture. They truly are built to last!

We have ensured that this is a range of some of the best bags available, by submitting them for independent testing. Our 20-litre vaccine bag has been proven to remain in cold chain (2-8°C) for 9.98 hours.

CorrMed Design service offers

· ​A comprehensive design service including manufacturers specifications, built to your requirements

· Sample prototypes built for market testing

· A complete manufacturing service for your chosen design​

· The option of a packing, warehousing and logistics service to take your product to market.

Our expertise is in bag design and manufacture, and although we commonly focus on medical applications for our products, we also develop bespoke designs for complex, fragile, or temperature-sensitive items across all manner of industries, for example a range of bags developed for fishing.

Our ability to provide a robust approach to bag design has opened up new doors, offering us the chance to work with organisations from completely different industries to the medical industry.

We are here to provide real solutions for you.


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