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Monkeypox vaccine delivery

Vaccinations seem to be working to help control the spread of monkeypox, as indicted by the White house health official.

US have all 50 states with reported monkeypox and nearly 21,000 cases, yet have managed to administer more than 460,000 vaccine doses so far.

It would seem the Black and Hispanic communities are particularly vulnerable to monkeypox with 38% of patients Black, 29% Hispanic and 27% White, against an overall US population of 12% Black, 19% Hispanic and 61% White. In addition it is well recognised that monkey is primarily spreading during sex among gay and bisexual men, although anyone can catch the virus through close physical contact with an infected person or contaminated material.

Public health have been arranging vaccine delivery using in events such as Pride and Southern Decadence New Orleans, which are large gatherings with gay communities congregating. Delivery in the community will require cold chain transport which help ensure the temperature remains between 2-8C.

By comparison, in UK the UK Government have reported as of 5th September there are 3,345 confirmed cases, yet we know as of late August the UK Health Security agency reporting a vaccine delivery delay in UK due to dwindling stock. Two NHS sites are set to being a pilot offering eligible pilots smaller but equally effective doses of the vaccine use for the monkeypox outbreak, thus stretching supplies to protect more people. This approach is known as ‘fraction dosing’ and this cold chain transport vaccine delivery has been started now in Manchester as well as 2 further planned sites in London. The UK has now started fractional dosing and as of 30th August 33,918 doses of vaccine have transported to patients and been administered which will all require cold chain transport.

To transport monkeypox vaccines safely the CDC advises cold chain transport with temperature monitoring data loggers. The use of cold chain transport bags will support this to protect the vaccines cold chain status of between 2-8C.

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The LBGT community of Brighton and Hove is one of the largest in the UK and Brighton too suffered vaccine rollout stalling when stocks of the Jab ran out

The CorrMed cold chain transport bags have been used throughout the UK including Brighton vaccination centre which is part of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, where the head of operations at the Brighton Vaccination Centre says “The bags are fantastic; they hold temperature really well and the trolley is a great addition. Buying the whole kit bundle was an excellent option saving time which was needed”

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