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Monkeypox cases near 800 in the UK

A high consequence infectious disease such as Monkeypox is sometimes treated at a designated HCID Treatment Centre, like Guys’ & St Thomas’ in London, where they use Blue Mirror to help correctly teach specialist PPE donning & doffing.

The UK Health Security Agency data shows a 38% rise in Monkeypox cases over just 4 days between 16th and 20th June 2022, from 574 to 793.

It is reported that vaccines will be offered more widely to people, to help control the outbreak in the UK. The UKHSA will be publishing a data report on monkeypox every Tuesday and Friday as cases continue to rise.

Anyone can catch the virus as it is spread between humans through close contact and therefore NHS workers must ensure correct PPE to prevent the spread of infection.

The HCID team at Guys’ and St Thomas’ use specialist powered air purifying respirators (MAXAIR) to give them optimal protection against airborne pathogens. In late 2021 they needed to train roughly 500 members of staff on how to don and doff this unique equipment.

Against the clock and knowing the time investment involved with this scale of training, discussions began with CorrMed to use Blue Mirror as the PPE training solution.

Blue Mirror is an observational AI (artificial intelligence) tool that automatically assesses and corrects errors in your team’s PPE application. Developed in New Zealand by clinicians for clinicians and operating through a wall-mounted tablet, it saves time, money, and resource.

The software is installed on a tablet and used either in a wall mounted position which is dedicated as a training station, or it is kept as a mobile tablet which is moved into different environments to facilitate a more mobile form of training

Together with CorrMed, a new Blue Mirror program was specifically developed for the team at Guys’ and St Thomas to enable them to quickly and effectively train staff on how to use their specialist PPE equipment.

Cecilia Tuudah, HCID Clinical Nurse Specialist, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust had this to say;

“Our team love Blue Mirror and we are now looking to roll it out across the Trust so we can train staff easily and without trainers having to be present. The system reports will show which user and department has successfully completed training and can automatically upload results to our ESR systems. We’re looking forward to utilising Blue Mirror to help train our staff in a fun and interactive way.”

Blue Mirror has excellent reporting and integration facilities, offers huge cost savings, improved infection prevention through better training and improved PPE compliance.

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