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Key Software Updates for The Blue Mirror App

Blue Mirror AI is an observational artificial intelligence (AI) tool that automatically assesses and corrects errors in your team’s PPE application.

Operating through a wall-mounted tablet, Blue Mirror replaces your traditional PPE buddy, and checks for errors in donning and doffing your PPE kit.

CorrMed is a proud supplier of Blue Mirror AI to support infection prevention and is pleased to announce recent software updates to further improve the user experience.

App updates include “Conditional Steps”

Blue Mirror will now detect combinations of actions and includes the appropriate steps. For example, when donning gloves, if the user has donned a gown before, Blue Mirror will check if the gloves cover the cuffs of the gown.

AI improvements – Blue Mirror is watching closely!

  • Gloves doffing AI audit - Blue Mirror now supports detection of wrong technique when doffing gloves.

  • Improved mask detection - Version 10 of the mask detection AI makes the mask process faster, detecting the presence of mask, chin covered, and nose covered all at the same time.

  • Extended hands detection - Improves compatibility with iPad Air and iPad pro.

  • Improved accuracy detecting - users, gowns, back of gown, gloves, and wrists.

  • Faster "Don't touch your face" reminder on doffing, when the user brings their hands near the face.

AND offline support just got better, in-house team training means more effective support for users of Blue Mirror.

To find out more & see Blue Mirror in action please follow the link > PPE Buddy

To read Blue Mirror case studies & testimonials >

Great feedback from current evaluation sites:

100% of users from Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHST & Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHSFT would recommend Blue Mirror as a training tool


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