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Meeting PPE Regulations Post Pandemic

Delivery of face-to-face PPE donning and doffing training to members of healthcare staff was a major challenge throughout the pandemic. Many organisations relied on a blend of taught and online training such as posters and non-interactive videos, but does such training really meet PPE regulations and how can it be improved?

Blue Mirror is an observational artificial intelligence tool that automatically assesses and corrects errors in your team’s PPE application. Blue Mirror keeps patients and healthcare workers safer by enabling affordable and scalable 1:1 PPE training, that meets PPE regulations.

National guidance for standard, contact and airborne precautions, requires correct and consistent use of PPE. Guidance requires that all staff have received training on correct donning and doffing to support this, Blue Mirror delivers correct and consistent training meeting standard PPE regulations.

Blue Mirror AI is helping NHS Trusts across the UK meet specific criteria within the UK 5-year national action plan “Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance 2019-2024”, to minimise transmission of infection, and provide safe and effective care to patients.

Blue Mirror provides an interactive and consistent practical training programme for staff, delivered at a place and time suitable to them across a 24-hour span of care delivery. It is also accessible to staff in hard-to-reach locations for traditional teaching methods, such as community nurses and care home staff – with Blue Mirror geography is not a barrier to PPE regulations.

In line with national guidance and PPE regulations, Blue Mirror delivers a standardised and consistent donning and doffing program. The AI software can also be adapted to different care setting requirement’s such as AGP and non-AGP PPE training.

An example of such a case where Blue Mirror was adapted specifically for a HCID team in London can be read here >

Blue Mirror ensures improved practice for donning and doffing PPE, resulting in fewer lapses in practice and reduced opportunities to transmit infection and thereby improving patient safety and meeting PPE regulations.

Blue Mirror’s management system offers excellent reporting and provides clear evidence of training delivered, supporting organisational assurance and compliance with the Hygiene Code requirements and the COVID Board Assurance Framework (2021).

Blue Mirror has received outstanding feedback in the UK from users, testimonials and case studies can be found here > Blue Mirror helps organisations meet PPE regulations.

61.5% felt traditional training methods supported memory retention, but with Blue Mirror, this increased to 97.5% and 100% of the evaluators would recommend Blue Mirror as a training tool!

To find out more or to see a free demonstration please contact the team today!


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