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How to pack your vaccine bag for maximum efficiency

Appropriate vaccine transportation is critical to ensure that your vaccines remain in cold chain (2 - 8°C) and are safe to use when you reach your destination. Vaccines will last much longer in cold chain if the vaccine bag has been packed effectively, maximising the space available with the appropriate amount of coolant.

Here's our checklist of things to consider when packing your vaccine bag:

  • Choose an insulated bag or container that can maintain cold chain for the duration of your journey and visit. All surfaces must be strong, durable, clean with a tight-fitting lid. The CorrMed range of vaccine bags have undergone independent testing and have shown to hold cold chain for up to 9.98 hours.

  • Pack the vaccine in layers using the following materials: refrigerated and/or frozen ice packs, insulating barrier (bubble wrap, packing paper), vaccines in original packaging, a temperature monitor, and filler materials to prevent the shifting of the contents during transportation. The number of coolant packs that are used will depend on the size of the container, outside ambient temperature, length of time required to stay cool and thermal properties of the contents.

  • Frozen ice / gel packs must be stored in a freezer for a minimum of 24 hours and completely frozen prior to use.

  • Refrigerated gel packs must be stored in a refrigerator between 2 - 8°C, ideally at 5°C for a minimum of 24 hours prior to use.

  • Place an insulating barrier (e.g. bubble wrap, brown packing paper) between the frozen packs and the vaccine to prevent accidental freezing of the contents.

  • Pack vaccines in the original packaging on top of the barrier. Do not remove the vaccine vials from their boxes. Fill in any spaces between the boxes with crumpled paper or other filler to prevent the contents moving whilst in transportation.

  • Use a min/max thermometer, data logger or cold chain monitor with the probe near the vaccine. The temperature monitoring probe should be placed in the middle of the vaccines and should not come into contact with the refrigerated or frozen packs. The CorrMed vaccine bags have a handy clear pouch which enable you to place the device in the pouch whilst the probe is passed through into the bag itself. This enables you to easily check the display at any point. CorrMed accessories includes a data logger with probe and a specific 50ml Load Bottle for testing actual liquid product temperature. When two data loggers are used, the user can monitor the air temperature inside the carry bag with the first data logger to provide immediate notification of a potential failure in cold chain. The second data logger fixed with an external sensor placed inside the 50ml load bottle can then be used to measure the representative actual product temperature.

  • Record the vaccine type(s), lot numbers, brand names, quantity, date, time and originating facility on a packing slip inside the container.

  • Only pack the amount of vaccines that you will require. This will reduce any loss or waste if the container is compromised and the vaccines fall out of cold chain.

Benefits of the CorrMed Medical Bag range include:

  • high-quality, purpose-built and field-tested designs

  • approved by NHS Nightingale Hospitals because of the quality of the build and infection design principles

  • wipe clean, waterproof, and heavy-duty

  • designed and manufactured by our company founders: Katie an expert in infection management requirements, and Brian a medical bag designer, with over 60 years combined experience.

  • Ease of handling options including ladder handles, trolleys, shoulder straps and grab handles

  • optimising thermal qualities: thermal separators, pillows, coolant holders and inner lid

  • quality, durable components including 250D tarpaulin, YKK zips and metal fastenings.

  • To find out more about the CorrMed range of vaccine bags please visit our shop or take a look at our YouTube channel

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