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Covid booster – can you get another dose this winter?

As of recent, the number of cases of COVID-19 is on the up. With that being said, around 18.5 million people have had a winter covid booster in hopes of keeping the virus at bay. So, who exactly can get a booster? You must fit into one of these categories:

1. aged over 50

2. aged between 5-49 with underlying health conditions (these can be found on the NHS website)

3. care-home staff

4. front- line health and social- care workers

5. carers aged 16-49

6. household contacts of people with weakened immune systems

7. anyone aged 16+ or an at-risk child aged 12-15, who has had both primary jabs

The numbers

The statistics say that over 150 million doses of the Covid vaccine have been given out in the UK. This is how that number breaks down:

· 53.8 million first doses

· 50.8 million second doses

· 40.4 million third doses – a booster.

· 18.5 million further doses as part of the Covid winter booster regime.

The different types of vaccine and who will get them

At the moment the NHS are utilising the “bivalent” vaccine from Moderna. This particular jab prevents against both covid itself and the mutant version – Omicron. Another bivalent vaccine – from Pfizer – was ratified for use in the UK. Health officials suggest taking either of the two, as they both stop you from falling severely ill or dying from Covid. For under 40s there are 3 types of vaccine available: AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna.

Which Children can have the vaccine?

· 5-11 year olds can receive 2 vaccines that are lower strength – both by Pfizer. These are administered 12 weeks apart.

· 12-15 year olds can have 2 vaccines, both Pfizer.

· 16-17 year olds, aswell as both doses of Pfizer, can also have a booster. This will be 3 months after their second dose.

· A child aged 12-15 may also have a booster if they have underlying health problems or live with someone who is at risk.

We at CorrMed have worked with various NHS Trusts to produce a line of Vaccine Bags that are designed to enable the safe and secure transportation of vaccines in line with guidelines from Public Health England and internationally equivalent standards.

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