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CorrMed Sponsor Shire Horse Charity Drive for Second Year

Last year we were so proud to be the main sponsors for the Coldcroft Shires Challenge. A journey that took over 80 days to complete, covered more than 600 miles and raised a total of £60,000 for charity.

This year Jamie, with his two Shire horses Willam and Millie along with the farm dog Boo Boo are embarking on yet another big adventure and CorrMed are thrilled to be part of the action once more!

Raising money for Police Care UK, The Shire Horse Society and The RAF Association they will be journeying from South Wales, across the heart of England and finishing in London.

Jamie is married to Katie, CorrMed’s MD and both are more than happy to support the charities, who hold personal family links. You can read Jamie’s story behind the challenge online >

And his family connection to the RAF >

CorrMed is providing emergency medical bags for transporting equipment and veterinary supplies throughout the journey.

To follow Jamie’s journey in real time please see the dedicated Follow My Challenge map >

You can follow their adventures through the eyes (or mouth) of Willam and Millie who document their daily findings on social media:

Instagram > @ColdcroftShires

Facebook > Coldcroft Shires


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